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Could This Be Ferguson Part II? Protestors Outraged As Jason Stockley Found Not Guilty [VIDEO]

Most of the nation may not be aware of the new controversy that has been brewing in St. Louis since December of 2011. Another white cop shot and killed a black man in the streets of St. Louis.

The man he shot was a known drug dealer and led the police on a high speed chase through downtown St. Louis.

Since the Ferguson riots, there has been nothing but escalating racial tension and this time the race baiting is coming from black clergy, who promised riots if things didn’t go their way.


Video: FOX @ Now St. Louis


For weeks, the state has been planning a response to any rioting and unrest that may occur due to the pending verdict. Missouri has a new, Republican, governor who has engaged the National Guard in anticipation the verdict.

Well, this morning, the verdict was issued and Stockley was found not guilty.

And, as you might anticipate, protests and demonstrations are already forming in downtown St. Louis.

Here’s the verdict via Fox 2 Now, St. Louis


ST. LOUIS – St. Louis Circuit Judge finds Jason Stockley not guilty of killing Anthony Lamar Smith.

Stockley fatally shot 24-year-old Anthony Lamar Smith in December 2011 after a three-mile police chase through city streets. The incident started as a police stop following a reported drug sale. Surveillance video showed officers block Smith in, who then backed his vehicle into a police car as the officers approached. Stockley ran after the suspect’s car, firing seven shots with his service pistol.

In addition, state law allows police officers to act based on their perceptions of danger (a reasonable person’s perception). Prosecutors also reviewed whether or not the officers had the ability to use deadly force in making an arrest. Under Missouri law, police officers may use deadly force only to make an arrest when they reasonably believe both that deadly force is necessary to make the arrest and when they also reasonably believe that the person being arrested may endanger life or risk inflicting serious physical injury unless arrested without delay.

Wilson did waive a jury trial and the case was decided by a judge.


You can read the entire 29 page verdict here.

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