Stepford Wives Comes To 2017: Interactive Sex Robots Are A Thing [VIDEO]

Where to begin? How low has the culture/society fallen when men are buying interactive sex robots. If porn isn’t demeaning and enough of a degradation to women, someone comes up with the next step in outrageous and perverted behavior.

Yes, these robots will talk, move and respond to you. They are made to look and feel like real women. It just doesn’t get sicker than this, folks.

Watch this video and see if this doesn’t set you back on your heels?

The San Diego Tribune adds this:

Come January, the “Westworld” concept of lifelike sex robots will get one step closer. That’s when a San Marcos company will unveil Harmony, an anatomically correct sex doll with a patented animatronic talking head with programmable personality and memory.

News of creator Matt McMullen’s latest invention — he’s been making lifelike silicone sex dolls for 20 years — has created international media interest and a firestorm of criticism from ethicists and futurists who see a dark side to a sex doll that becomes more “human” with each technological innovation.

One critic worries that the doll’s artificial intelligence app could be hacked to make it kill its owner (like the vengeance meted out by sex robots in the film “Ex Machina” and TV show “Westworld”). And women’s advocates say owners could realistically rehearse plans for violent sexual acts with the interactive dolls.

But McMullen, the CEO and creative director for Realbotix, a subsidiary of his doll-making factory Abyss Creations, said critics of Harmony have it all wrong.

He sees Harmony more as a comforting conversation companion like Apple’s Siri, albeit one capable of having sensual conversations and telling naughty jokes.

And you thought The Stepford Wives was just a movie.

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