Jared Kushner Helping Dems Lobby For DACA Amnesty In The White House

Regardless of how you feel about Trump, love him or hate him, you’ve got to be writhing in pain to know his son-in-law is pushing the leftist, progressive agenda in the oval office.

We all knew “Javanka” are liberals at heart, but it doesn’t make it any more comfortable to know they have the respect and ear of the president when we all want immigration reform and a return to the rule of law.

Jared Kushner has got to go!

Breitbart has this:

President Donald Trump’s son-in-law set up a secret back channel to help a top Democratic Senator lobby White House officials in favor of the “DACA” amnesty for 800,000 young illegals.

Sen. Dick Durbin, the second-ranking Democratic Senator, spilled the beans in an interview with Reuters, where he described how he worked with  Jared Kushner and liberal Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham to promote the DACA amnesty in April and July.

According to Reuters’s account, which describes the illegals as “Dreamers”:

“We initially had a conversation (with Kushner), at [Iowa Republican] Senator (Chuck) Grassley’s invitation, on criminal justice and I asked Mr. Kushner afterwards if we could talk about immigration, separate and apart from Senator Grassley, which we did,” Durbin said.

“I went into … DACA because I was concerned about how this was going to unfold,” the Illinois lawmaker said. The conversations underscore a level of interest in the issue among senior White House aides that could lend momentum to the congressional debate on approving a permanent legislative fix for the Dreamers that Durbin has sought for the past 16 years”

Kushner also arranged phone calls between Durbin and then-Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, who now serves as Trump’s chief of staff.

After the president announced there would be a six month cooling off period in which congress would have a chance to fix the DACA problem, some are suggesting that amnesty might not be such a far off deal.

However, the joint effort by Kushner and Durbin may be working. On September 6, Trump suggested he would sign the Democrats’ amnesty legislation in exchange for some improvements on “border security.” The White House transcript said:

Q    And what would you like to see, Mr. President, in legislation?

THE PRESIDENT:  I’d like to see something where we have good border security, and we have a great DACA transaction where everybody is happy and now they don’t have to worry about it anymore because, obviously, as you know, before, it was not a legal deal.  It was a deal that wouldn’t have held up and didn’t hold up.  And even President Obama when he did it, when he signed it, he said this is obviously not something that’s — he called it short-term.”

Yeah, amnesty isn’t going to fly. Let’s hope the the president doesn’t forget his campaign promises.

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