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Protesters Call Merkel a Liar, Pelts Her With a Tomato

Angela Merkel was campaigning for reelection in Heidelberg, Germany, when approximately 3,000 people including protesters, who began calling her a liar and a hypocrite.  That should come a no surprise as all liberal’s survival depends on a mountain of lies and hypocrisy in setting and criticizing policy.  In Merkel’s case, opening their borders and having half the population of Germany made up of women become targets of the immigrants who argue rape is part of their culture.

Twice during the rally, someone let fly with a tomato.  One hit one of Merkel’s aides and one hit her on the hip.  Germany has also suffered many terrorist attacks. This could be an ominous sign for Merkel, who is running for her fourth term in office.  For the past couple of years, her open door policy has infuriated   many of the German citizens and victims of sexual assault and rape.

 Some 3,000 people were at the rally and those who demonstrated against her were angry at her refugee policies which have seen over a million unvetted immigrants enter the country in the last two years.

‘If we made a mistake, then it wasn’t in taking in people, ‘ Mrs. Merkel said in defence of her decision to open the doors to migrants in 2015.

‘But rather that we didn’t pay attention to the fact that people in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Syria didn’t have enough to eat, weren’t getting an education and put themselves into the hands of people smugglers.’

Police spokesman David Faulhaber said today that they are now investigating against persons unknown on suspicion of attempted bodily harm and attempted property damage.

Mrs. Merkel appeared later in the day at a Stuttgart campaign event wearing the same red jacket.

H/T Mail Online

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