Will Hurricane Harvey Be a Defining Moment For Trump Presidency?

Has Hurricane Harvey done enough to soothe the visciously cold civil war that has been taking place in our country? Have haters seen enough, by way of real life examples in Texas, that we are all Americans who care enough to help each other in times of crisis, and the issues that cause the rage acted out by some loony tunes factions is really trivial by comparison?

No doubt a hardcore of hate-filled bozos drunk on some witless ideology will always be with us.  There’s still a market for Guy Fawkes masks for adjunct junior college professors to pretend they’re violent anarchist revolutionaries out of some Dostoevsky novel they never finished. And the tone-deaf nitwits on the L.A. City Council did choose the occasion of an ongoing massive natural disaster to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day, to include a paid vacation for all city employees (but not the myriad other taxpayers of the vast metropolis).

Nevertheless, a flood of Noah-like proportions has a way of focusing the mind, at least for some, maybe even most, of us.

Donald Trump so far has very clearly acted well in his capacity of crisis-manager-in-chief. It seems the presidential activity he was born for, the one most akin to running a large hotel construction job or renovating an historic ice-skating rink.  Moreover, reconstruction is certain to go on for quite a while and remain a focal point of our national attention for a significant period.  Trump should know how to handle it as well as anybody who has held the office.

Because of his handling of Harvey, Trump haters sense this event will be a turning point for his presidency, and they will do everything they can to trash his efforts to help in Texas, but for right now the haters seem pretty hard up when all they have to obsess about are Melania Trump’s stilettos that she only wore onto a plane anyway.

Now I’m not saying that it will be clear sailing from now on.  I would have to be a moron. There may be more wacky tweets, including attacks on Rosie O’Donnell or some other monumentally trivial figure before you read this, causing many of his supporters to groan.  But the impact will be less.  Trump is proving himself under fire in a situation immeasurably more important than Twitter flame wars.  Nitpickers now seem more what they are — pickers of nits.  And those accusing Trump of racismsexismhomophobiaIslamophobiayaddayaddayadda will appear to be exactly what they are as well — dim-witted bores who wouldn’t know a real racist when they saw one. (Most likely that would take a mirror.)

More importantly, by continuing to act as he has, Trump will defuse whatever eventually comes down from the Mueller investigation, unless, of course, it is proven that the Russians caused Harvey, in which case all bets are off (kidding, I hope). Moreover, he will achieve that Holy Grail of Holy Grails, the tax reform he spoke of in his speech Thursday.

In the real world of humans in which we live, however, it should be obvious that many will be disappointed, even deeply depressed, if what I wrote proves to be true — that Harvey is the turning point of the Trump presidency.  These people have vested interests in his failure for various reasons, just as I, admittedly, since I supported him, have a vested interest in his success.  But I would ask these Never Trumpers of the right and left to take a breath and examine their motivations.  Like mine and everybody else’s, they are not always pure.  Do you want me to be wrong?  If so, why?  Wouldn’t you prefer, for the sake of our country and its people, that I be right?  If not, why not?

Regardless of how much you want to hurt or support Trump this country and its 325 million citizens remain, and many of them are doing remarkable things for their fellow citizens in the flood waters of Texas and now Louisiana. America is once again proud that they have a president who is wholeheartedly supporting them, and if you aren’t then maybe you should be, because rooting for American greatness like what we’re seeing today in Texas and Louisiana wouldn’t hurt.


Trump haters at CNN are already out there trashing the president by claiming he didn’t show enough empathy for the people suffering through Harvey. Forgive me, but I must have missed the part on the FEMA web site that declared, “The president shall show an appropriate amount of empathy to the people.”

These people should be dismissed outright on the very face of their blathering. Because of their cold-hearted hatred of Donald Trump everyone in the country knew they would find some reason to trash the man over his handling of the hurricane. If he went to Houston they would trash him for taking up a ton of resources for him to be there. So, he went to Austin instead, and some still trashed him for the minimal amount of resources needed for the president to be there. And these very same people would have trashed him if he hadn’t gone at all over concerns of his using up resources needed to help the victims the same way they trashed George W Bush who had made such a decision during Hurricane Katrina and flew over the disaster area instead.

And there are other probing concerns from the Trump haters. Was it too early for a president to visit the state?  Are the machines being used to rescue people going to contribute to Climate Change?  Are there enough first responders properly trained in sensitivity awareness to rescue transgender people who need help?  Do Texas lives matter? Are any of the first responders white supremacists? Russians?

The lesson here is a Republican president, especially this one, just can’t win with haters determined to bring him down. But at this point I believe most Americans will take a closer look not at how Donald Trump performs as president as much as how his haters mischaracterize everything he does to fit their hate-filled narrative. And the American people always win these things.

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