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PETA Type Nimrods Try To “Save” Animal: Gets Rude Awakening [VIDEO]

Animal activists are not the sharpest crayons in the box to begin with, but some are dumber than others.  There were the activists who “freed” 38,000 mink from a farm in Minnesota.  Those ignoramuses didn’t stop to think that the mink were tame and couldn’t survive in the wild and all they did was kill thousands of mink.   IN 2014, PETA did of euthanizing 80% of all the animals they had in their shelter in Virginia.  According to some people, PETA would go onto people’s property and take animals who were pets off from their front porch.

But two activists in Spain take the cake when they decided to “save” an animal.  They jumped into it’s pen and pranced around like the saviors they think they are.  It didn’t take them long realize they made what could have been a fatal mistake when they decided to save a bull from barbarian matadors.  They hopped up and down and acted as if they were conquering heroes.  That’s when the bull attacked them.  They were both very lucky.

During the attack, the man suffered a long but not deep gash from the bull.  Had the bull had better aim, he likely would have been killed and if not for the matadors who came to his rescue, he might have been killed.  The woman who was with him as she was able to run away while the bull attacked the man.  She was arrested however.  Not only did the two put their own lives in danger, but they also put the lives of their rescuers in danger.

I am no fan of bullfighting and I won’t pretend to defend the practice but I am also not a fan of gross stupidity, especially when they endanger the lives of others.  I hope they get the book thrown at them.

H/T Conservative Tribune

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