Why Would This GOP Governor Declare His State A Sanctuary To Illegals?

That’s probably the biggest question folks in Illinois, and around the country are asking. It turns out Governor Rauner has turned out to be a big RINO. But what can you expect from Illinois.

Gov. Rauner just up and signed into law a sanctuary state bill, and tongues are wagging.


The Illinois TRUST Act — a bill that was passed by the state’s General Assembly in May — bans local law enforcement from stopping, arresting, searching or detaining anyone based solely on immigration status. More controversially, it bars local officials from detaining anyone solely on the basis of a federal immigration detainer, unless federal officials have a criminal warrant.


The governor’s office and other supporters say the law does not constitute a “sanctuary” policy; one provision makes clear that the TRUST Act does not prohibit communication between federal and local officials. 


… “The TRUST Act makes clear that Illinois will be a good partner with the federal government, and law enforcement officials will continue communicating with federal immigration and law enforcement officials,” Rauner’s spokesperson told Fox News.


This latest stunt by Illinois is a finger in the eye to the Trump administration, which has been trying to get a handle on illegal immigration. Limiting the power of the police to crack down on illegals isn’t quite what the people of America had in mind.


H/T: FOX News

Image: Breitbart

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