Rep Dana Rohrabacher To Meet With Trump With Proof Russia Did Not Hack DNC

Rep Dana Rohrabacher says he is setting up a meeting with President Donald Trump to personally give him information he received two weeks ago from Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.  He says that Assange insists that he didn’t get the emails from Russian sources and has hinted many times in the past that it was an inside job.  Forensic IT specialists have pretty well confirmed that after finding that the files were downloaded at a rate of speed that would have been impossible because no internet service could possibly download the emails at the rate of speed these files were.

Talking heads and Democrats insist that the intelligence community has confirmed that Russians hacked the DNC computers, but that’s also impossible since they were not allowed to examine the server and had to take them word of a firm who hates Russia and makes millions from the Democrats, hardly a confidence builder.

Rumors have persisted that Seth Rich who was murdered but not robbed in Washington DC was responsible for the leaks.  Shortly thereafter, Assange and Wikileaks offered a reward for information into Rich’s death.  That sparked further speculation that Rich was Assange’s source but as of now there is no proof of that.

Assange wants a full pardon from the president, so that he can come to Washington to reveal how he got the files.  There are two very good reasons why a pardon would be possible.  First of all, The NYT, WaPo and NBC have not been punished for publishing leaks and prosecution of Assange could be looked upon as selective prosecution which would be illegal and because President Trump would love nothing better than to prove once and for all that the Russians were not involved, therefore killing all of the democrat’s accusations of collusion between Trump and Russia.  But before Trump would grant such a pardon, Assange would have to have hard and indisputable evidence, proving where the files came from and that source has no connections to the Kremlin.

Rohrabacher told The Daily Caller recently that Assange promised him information about who was behind the DNC hack that the American intelligence community has said Russia was involved with.

In the interview, Rohrabacher told TheDC that once he obtained this information and determined that it is significant, he would “bring it directly to Trump.”

His spokesman Kenneth Grubbs told TheDC “no comment” Tuesday about whether Rohrabacher has received these documents. However, the congressman told Sean Hannity Tuesday that a meeting between him and Trump is being set up.

“It is my understanding from other parties who are trying to arrange a rendezvous with myself and the President, it is being arranged for me to give him the firsthand information from [Assange],” Rohrabacher said in comments first highlighted by CNN.

H/T^ The Daily Caller

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