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BOMBSHELL REPORT: Hillary and the DNC Paid For the Trump Dossier

Fusion GPS got permission from the lawyers that hired them to release who paid for the Trump Dossier.  It was shared by Hillary Clinton and the DNC after the Republican NeverTrumper dropped the case.  Does that explain the over the top memos in the dossier and does it also give us a clue as to who gave a copy to BuzzFeed?  I’m fairly certain it does.

Mark E Elias, a lawyer who works for Hillary made the arrangements with Fusion GPS and Clinton and the DNC paid for it.  The dossier has been the topic of many discussions and the House subpoenaed the financial records of Fusion GPS.  The disclosure was probable a tool to get ahead of the scandal.  It’s always better to seem like you are cooperating rather than have it discovered by the opposition.

 According to the report, the firm paid to conduct the research was retained in April 2016 by Marc Elias, a lawyer representing the Clinton campaign and the DNC. The firm, Fusion GPS, hired a former British spy with ties to the FBI to conduct the research. The spy Christopher Steele, eventually shared some of his findings with the FBI after the bureau began probing possible connections between Trump associates and the Russian government.

Lingering questions about who paid for the dossier have sparked a partisan battle as lawmakers investigate Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and any possible coordination with members of the Trump campaign.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, noting the development, said on Twitter, “The real Russia scandal? Clinton campaign paid for the fake Russia dossier, then lied about it & covered it up.”

House Democrats have said efforts to discredit Mr. Steele and the dossier are part of an effort to distract focus from the broader Russia probe. But Republicans have said it’s important to find out who paid for the opposition research as well as how heavily the FBI relied on the information in it as agents pursued their own investigations. Some have expressed concern that opposition research was used as the basis for a foreign surveillance order.

The fact that the fake dossier was used to get extreme surveillance could be a major deal, since it’s illegal to use a document you know is false.  And if either the Clinton campaign or the DNC provided the dossier that was used, they could be facing serious charges as would James Comey if he is responsible for using the dossier to gain access to wiretaps.

H/T Washington Times

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