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A Plastic Surgery Addict Went Too Far And May Never Walk Again….

The cosmetic surgery-certified addict and owner of the world’s fattest vagina may be required to use a wheelchair for the rest of her life because of her implants. The Social media star posted on Instagram to discuss her situation and said, “I am in pain walking.”

In the United States, more than 15 million cosmetic surgery treatments are performed each year. While most of them are minimally invasive procedures, some take these surgeries to the next level. One among them is an Instagram influencer and plastic surgery addict Mary Magdalene, who has come out with a new confession.

Mary, who has done procedures ranging from implants and liposuction to vaginal injections, recently opened up about how her social media life is all a facade.

The 25-year-old model admitted in an Instagram post that her allegedly healthy physique is not a true picture of her life and that she lives off hot Cheetos. She also said that she hates ‘exercising’ despite most of her photos showing her at the gym.

Mary has had multiple procedures over the years, spending more than $200,000 on surgeries to seem more attractive. The influencer from Toronto, Canada, reportedly got her first cosmetic treatment when she was 21 years old. She recently had a 5,000 cc breast expander installed to augment her breasts. With all that done, her unhealthy lifestyle has made her ‘unfit’ to even climb stairs.

“My boobs are so heavy I want to buy a mobility scooter,” the 30-year-old social media star wrote on Instagram.

Boasting 10kg breast implants and ‘the world’s fattest vagina’, Mary has revealed she may be in a wheelchair for life as her ankles and back struggle to support her artificial enhancements.

“It hurts when I walk,” he explained. “But I think people will think I’m trying to get attention and be insensitive.”

The Mexican-born beauty admitted she ‘never’ requests wheelchairs at the airport out of embarrassment, despite being left in excruciating pain from having to walk long distances through the terminal.

My breasts and ass are so heavy that I no longer have ankles because my legs are always swollen.

The former stripper also had her teeth filed so she could have porcelain veneers placed in her mouth.

The model says that thanks to her popularity on OnlyFans and various social media platforms, she is now “paid to exist” and considers her job title to be “professional dumbass.”

“Girl, goodbye. Now I don’t accompany honey,” she wrote on Instagram.

“There’s nothing wrong with that, but that’s not my job anymore. I am a professional chump and I make money through my website,” she continued.

“My fans pay me to exist. I love them, they are too sexy and supportive.”

Mary grew up in a strict religious family, and as a child, she was banned from even watching children’s shows like Disney’s That’s So Raven.

The model rebelled at age 12 when she became sexually active and began using drugs, before becoming a stripper at 17.

She underwent her first surgery at age 21, a breast augmentation to make her more desirable to patrons at the strip club, before shelling out thousands of dollars on everything from butt implants to a procedure to inflate her vagina.

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