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What A Family Feud Contestant Said On The Show Almost Made Steve Harvey Stop Tape…

It’s no secret that “Family Feud” is one of the funniest shows on television. In fact, this 40-year-old series has already produced hilarious moments that catch the attention of folks all over the world. Just like the time a contestant blurted out an answer that brought Steve Harvey to his knees (video below).

They would only have to look at a clip of Secily Wilson playing “Family Feud” and convulsing host Steve Harvey with a saucy answer.

Wilson, an Orlando TV personality who worked at WKMG-Channel 6 and WMFE-Channel 24 found herself in quite an embarrassing and hilarious moment with Steve.

Harvey asked: “We asked 100 men to name a part of your body that’s bigger than it was when you were 16?”

Contestant Wilson’s reply? “Your Penis.”

After she said that, Harvey went silent for a few seconds, and then Secily put her hands on her face in embarrassment. Both laughed, and Harvey took a knee.

“I used the medical terminology,” Secily pointed out.

Harvey quipped back: “A medical term is almost worse! A slang term would have least been … your ‘ding-a-ling,’ something!”

The clip is on more than a dozen sites and has received 3 million hits, the show estimates.

“That sense of fun and humor we saw every day,” says Skip Valet, her former boss at WKMG. “It didn’t surprise me that she would become an Internet sensation.”

Wilson has a simple explanation: “I was focused on trying to win $20,000, and it was a good answer.” But the survey-says results still surprise her. None of the answers matched hers.

“Zero! Can you believe that?” she asks.

Watch the hilarious moment below:

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