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What She Found In Her Coffee Machine Will Swear You Off The Stuff Forever…

When arriving home after a holiday, all you want to do is rest and unwind, but for this Australian mom, a grim infestation was waiting to be found.

The woman, who arrived home after a four-day holiday, discovered maggots hiding out in the crevices of her coffee machine due to a very simple reason.

The woman who left water sitting in her coffee machine’s drip tray discovered that maggots apparently don’t only hatch in meat. Yes, this is about to get really gross.

Sharing her “gross” discovery while seeking cleaning advice on Facebook, the woman revealed she had forgotten to empty the drip tray before leaving for her holiday, returning to find the insects making themselves at home in the water.

However, not everyone was as disgusted by the find, assuring her that the maggots were harmless.

“This is proper gross,” the mom posted in the cleaning advice group. “We didn’t empty the coffee machine drip tray before going away for 4 days. Upon return, there were maggots in the water.”

She went on to explain that despite her best attempts to clean the machine, there were still maggots in hard-to-reach crevices.

“I emptied the drip tray and it’s in the dishwasher but I can see a maggot (and I’m sure there’s more) in parts I can’t get to. What can I do? I’m so grossed out. It’s not a cheap machine, so I don’t want to chuck it,” she appealed to the group.

Maggots are the larvae of winged insects, such as flies.

According to Healthline, there are risks associated with ingesting maggot-infested food or water, including salmonella, E. coli, Myiasis, and intestine and mouth issues

Responding to her plea, many were unfazed by the discovery, recommending she leave the maggots be.

“I wouldn’t worry to be honest. Flush some hot water through before drinking it, but the maggots would only be in and around the dirty water tray,” someone suggested.

Before adding: “In a day or two any larvae you haven’t found yet will have either died or grown into flies anyway.”

Another reassured the mom, saying: “You will be fine. Get a descaling solution through it. Boiling water will 100 per cent kill all the bacteria.”

“As gross as it is, wait for them to turn into flies and they’ll crawl out,” another wrote.

Watch the related video below for more details:

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