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This Model Is Tired Of Men Hitting On Her And She Is Deciding To Take Action…

In the crosshairs of unwanted attention, a sought-after model contemplates a unique countermeasure: hiring personal security to keep the relentless admirers at bay during her gym workouts.

Monica Huldt, a 37-year-old Arizona-based model, has reached her limit, distressed by relentless attention from men who, she asserts, are magnetized by her beauty. The Polish immigrant, who sought to build a better life on American soil, is now considering splashing out a hefty sum on personal security to ensure her safety during gym visits and other public appearances.

Striving for fitness is a weekly routine for Huldt, who frequents the gym at least five times. However, her dedication is often disrupted by unsolicited advances from men who mistake her exercise regimen for an invitation to intimacy. Despite their misconception of matching her allure, Huldt firmly maintains her stance of wanting nothing more than to focus on her fitness routine.

With an Instagram following surpassing 305,000, Huldt’s appeal is undeniable. Yet, the constant adoration that feeds her popularity also comes with an unsolicited side effect. She is exhausted from deflecting persistent, unwelcome advances each time she steps into the gym to sculpt her physique.

Huldt’s past experiences with sexual harassment have left a deep imprint, making her desire for the gym to be a haven rather than a battleground even more poignant. Her ideal gym experience is one where she isn’t perpetually fending off men seeking to capitalize on her attractiveness for personal gratification.

To curb the constant harassment, Huldt has revealed plans to hire a bodyguard to accompany her during gym visits, ensuring she isn’t prey to unwarranted attention. “Physical exercise is not just vital for my physique but also my mental health,” she remarked. “Being approached each time I work out, which is no less than five times a week, can be rather taxing.”

In her daily gym routine, men incessantly request her phone number, hoping to secure a date with the 37-year-old model. “One instance,” she recalled, “an older gentleman insinuated that I was trying to text him while I was looking at my phone. When I clarified I wasn’t, he audaciously asked if I wanted to.”

Although the attention does provide a certain ego boost for Huldt, who grappled with self-esteem issues growing up, she yearns for solitude during her workouts. “Sure, it’s nice to be found attractive, but mostly, I prefer being left alone to focus on my workouts,”

she confided. “I wouldn’t mind spending $3,000 monthly for a competent bodyguard to deter these advances. His primary job would be to accompany me to the gym and assist with photoshoots. I don’t foresee needing him around the clock, that would be overbearing.

It now remains to be seen if Huldt will employ a bodyguard to shield her from the relentless sexual advances, an unusual expense, but one that she is evidently considering seriously.

Source: AWM

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