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Social Media Stars Made Everyone’s Jaws Drop When They Had To Reveal Their Real Ages…

Who would have thought with their radiant, wrinkle-free complexions, these women look years younger than they actually are…

From a 47-year-old who “looks 20” to a 31-year-old who could pass for a teenager, youthful-looking TikTok users from around the world left fans “speechless” when they revealed their real ages in a series of viral videos.

The trend has grown in popularity in recent months and comes after proud “catfishers” took to the platform to reveal what they actually look like behind hair, make-up, and filters of their ultra-glamorous profile pictures.

One influencer has racked up more than 9 million views on a “jaw-dropping video” in which she reveals she’s actually a 30-year-old mother-of-three.

Another user had fans asking for directions to the “fountain of youth” when she shared she is 36 – not ’18-22′ like many of them thought.

Here, is a look at the most extraordinary age catfishers on TikTok – but it is up to you to decide who you think is telling the truth…

From AWM:

However, TikTok viewers do not know whether to believe these professional “catfishers” or not. Because these people have built large – lucrative – followings on TikTok, they might not be willing to do something that would jeopardize their success – like revealing their true age unless it somehow benefited their bottom line. Perhaps, they were going after some free PR., Or maybe they thought their shock value would get them in the headlines – it worked!

Connie, this TikTok user, may look like “she looks 25,” the woman is much, much older. Try twice that age. She currently clocks in at 47-years-old – but her fans could never have guessed.

Don’t let the green hair and big glasses fool you. This woman looks like she is in her mid-twenties or even younger. But in reality, she claims to be much older than she looks at thirty-six-years-old. Clearly, TikTok has been celebrating some beautiful women who might not have been given a chance to shine in a more traditional way because of their age.

This beautiful mother from California has attracted many followers on TikTok. But every single one of them seemed shocked and surprised when she came forward to admit that she was not in her twenties like assumed. This woman was actually 47-years-old, which totally wowed her fans.

A glance at this woman, and you’d assume that she was middle-aged. Perhaps, she was a few days over fifty. TikTok_Tate shocked her many fans when she confessed to the impossible – that she was actually 72-years-old.

TikTok has given millions of Americans the chance to be a star. Now, women are being celebrated for who they are – no matter their age. Do you think it is a good thing that women of all ages are getting recognition for their beauty?

Source: AWM

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