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Muslims Complained About A Planned BBQ, Then The Cops Showed Up….

I probably grill at least two to three times a week. And because of that it has gotten to the point where my neighbors can tell what I am cooking just from the smell of the smoke alone. Everyone, where I live, is pretty good about things like that, but there are some folks where you have to wonder what in the heck they are thinking…

A group of people was enjoying an outside BBQ when a police officer abruptly entered the scene. The gatherers shortly learned, however, that they would no longer be able to cook their food because doing so might insult the neighborhood’s Muslims.

A local right-wing group called the Pro-Chemnitz group hold an event by deciding to hold a barbecue nearby in the German town. The event was meant to be nothing more than a peaceful protest in response to a large Islam-themed street festival attended by around 400 Muslims.

However, when Police learned that they were grilling a little suckling pig along with other foods, the police reportedly descended upon the peaceful gathering of about 60 people. They sought to shut down the barbecue entirely, as authorities were worried that the Muslims would find the sight of the cooking pig offensive.

And only if the group agrees to “disassemble” the suckling pig in front of the authorities so that it no longer resembled a pig or even pork, and to prevent the pig from being seen by their Muslim neighbors, the Police will allow the group to continue their barbeque, in which the gang obliged and carved it up.

On its Facebook page, Pro-Chemnitz wrote, “The grill is burning at the red tower and we are strictly adhering to the instructions: no whole animals (the piglet has neither legs nor tail) and no individual pig heads on display.”

However, the group soon found that their troubles were just getting started, although the group complied with the regulation, which was not confirmed to be part of any local ordinance. A horrifying incident took place at the scene when a Syrian asylum seeker attacked the group with a knife, stabbing at least one of the protesters in the side after the gatherers wrapped up their barbecue.

Pro-Chemnitz wrote, “Two of us were in the city in the evening when a Syrian wanted to fight. Then a knife came into the game from the Syrian side. The Syrian tried to stab one of our men in the side, but he only minorly injured. The other one of our men then stopped the attacker but was nearly stabbed several times in the head.”

The protesters, however, who have been described as being “deeply rooted in the right-wing extremist scene,” have drawn the attention of the left-leaning media. Now, the Syrian man is under investigation for two counts of attempted manslaughter, as reported.

According to reports, the official police report appears to minimize the incident and altogether exclude the background of the perpetrator.

“Late on Saturday evening there was a verbal confrontation between two men escalating on Rathausstraße/Bahnhofstraße when a participating 18-year-old pulled out a knife and injured a 41-year-old by the hand. The knife was then knocked out of the victim’s hand. The wound was treated as an outpatient injury by the ambulance. Charges against the 18-year-old were determined because of the suspicion of dangerous bodily injury,“ the Jounalisten Watch reported.

Likely out of fear of being labeled racist or Islamophobic, mainstream media have also refused to denounce the violence directed at the protesters. However, despite the fact that they never initiated any violence or threats toward their Muslim counterparts, the protesters are being called extremists.

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