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Alec Baldwin’s Daughter Just Released Some Photos What Will Give Her Dad A Heart Attack…

A well-known actor’s daughter has set the internet ablaze by sharing a series of racy photos that have left fans and critics alike speechless.

Alec Baldwin‘s 26-year-old daughter, Ireland, has caused quite a stir by sharing risqué photos of herself on social media. The Los Angeles native, adorned in nothing but tight white lingerie, flaunted her porcelain skin and elaborate tattoos in a series of alluring images. The actor’s daughter has garnered a growing following as people eagerly await more glimpses of her toned figure showcased in her sheer lace bodysuit.

In the provocative photos, the budding model appears au naturel, allowing her fiery red hair to cascade down her back. Her numerous tattoos are on full display, covering her thighs and arms. The barely-there bodysuit accentuates her curves and leaves little to the imagination.

Ireland boldly captioned her titillating photo series with, “Going out in @fleurdumalnyc.”

Not too long ago, Ireland found herself in the spotlight after sharing a disturbing account of her past relationships. In a viral TikTok video, she recounted how her ex-boyfriends made appalling comments, including threats of physical violence and discouraging her from eating.

In the video, she claimed that one ex-boyfriend confessed his desire to “f**k” her mother, Kim Basinger, while another threatened to “smash” her face against a wall in a violent outburst.

Among other cruel remarks, her former lovers said things like, “Are you really going to eat all that?” and “You’ll never be as beautiful as your mom. I’ve always wanted to fk her.” and “I bet you don’t even remember what you did last night. You’re so fking embarrassing.”

Her exes also made comments such as, “I’m just not really attracted to you like that.” “When I get home, I’m going to smash your face against the wall.” and “If you break up with me, I’m going to post these videos of you.”

Because of her famous father, some of Ireland’s exes dated her with ulterior motives, hoping to advance their own careers.

She shared some questions her ex-boyfriends asked her, such as:

“‘Do you think your dad would get me an audition for SNL? You know, I’m really funny.”

“Do you think your dad will help me get into NYU?”

“Do you think you could get me a modeling contract?”

“No beer! Beer makes you fat!”

In a previous episode of “Red Table Talk” on Facebook Watch, Ireland opened up about a “really abusive relationship” with an ex-boyfriend, in conversation with Willow Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

“I did go to a treatment center,” Baldwin admitted. “I’ve been through a lot of different kinds of abuse.”

She continued, “I had been abusive to people unknowingly because I’m not hitting them or getting physical. There was a lot of learning I had to do and a lot of acceptance of, ‘Okay, wait, that was abusive behavior: I was an abuser towards someone else.’ But at that time, I just hit a total breaking point, and I was self-medicating with Xanax, and I was drinking, and I have a lot of alcoholism and drug addiction in my family.”

WATCH the video below for more details:

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