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GRAPHIC VIDEO Showing Ukraine Obliterating Russian Troops Has Been LEAKED!

A graphic video has now come out, and it demonstrates just how strong Ukraine truly is. They are obliterating Russian troops…

This leads us to Vladimir Putin… This Russian leader is a small man, both literally and figuratively. Standing at 5’7, the man is the living embodiment of how people of all sizes can still turn out to be power-hungry bullies or in his case, total dictators. Of course, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy also stands at 5’7 himself, but unlike his counterpart, he is a giant of a man and a true leader. The citizens of Ukraine are fortunate to have a man like him standing up to the abuses and bullying of the Kremlin. But before I digress too much, back to the video…

This viral film production is now making the rounds, and it shows how things are truly going in the war between Russia and Ukraine, and needless to say, it’s something that the former Soviet Union doesn’t want to get out. These Russian forces are getting their derrieres handed to them, at least in this instance.

It is this viral video tweeted by Rob Lee in which we see a Ukrainian anti-tank missile hammering a Russian vehicle, and there is a tremendous explosion that is truly something to be proud of. It is something that we normally see in American circles, but unfortunately, we have a spineless, dementia-addled fool as our president right now, so it’s up to Ukraine to defend themselves.Violent Viral

In this David and Goliath battle, this absolutely insane video has to be one of the craziest productions that we have recently seen from the war between Russia and Ukraine.

More and more reporters are coming out of the woodwork, saying that some of the footage of the war footage coming out of Ukraine is nothing short of totally insane. It doesn’t matter whether its helicopters getting shot down or massive gun battles, there is a tremendous war effort going on.

This is also the latest reminder that Ukraine is fighting like mad to repel the Russian invasion, and they are taking it like a champ, refusing to roll over and give up.

Ukraine is giving Russia and the rest of Putin’s forces the best fight that they can, and it is truly inspiring.

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