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With Just Three Words, Elon Musk Rocked The Entire World!

The billionaire Elon Musk is now the largest shareholder of Twitter after he disclosed a 9.2% stake in the social media company worth nearly $3 billion.

The Tesla owner tweeted three words on Monday saying, “Oh hi lol.”

According to the Post report:

Musk’s Securities and Exchange commission filing regarding the sale was dated March 14, almost two weeks before Musk teased social media by asking whether Twitter adhered to the values of free speech.

Although Musk was quiet Monday, Musk’s former words seemed to loom large, including a 2021 tweet over Twitter’s decision to ban former President Donald Trump.

Musk then posted, “A lot of people are going to be super unhappy with West Coast high tech as the de facto arbiter of free speech.”

On Monday, a lot of users were thinking about President Trump the moment Musk news spread online.

Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado said in a Twitter post, “Now that @ElonMusk is Twitter’s largest shareholder, it’s time to lift the political censorship. Oh… and BRING BACK TRUMP!”

Aside from Boebert, Monica Crowley also said in a post, “Now that @elonmusk is Twitter’s largest shareholder, he should demand the end of political censorship, company-wide reform, and the reinstatement of President Trump.”

Errol Webber also noted, “.@ElonMusk is now the largest shareholder of Twitter. Time to get this platform back to its former glory. Step one – bring back President Trump! Step two – give everyone who has been banned a second chance. Step three – end all forms of political and other censorship.”

Fortune executive editor Adam Lashinsky said Twitter may not be the endgame for Musk, according to The Washington Post Op-Ed:

“Twitter also provides a potential launchpad for bitcoin, another of Musk’s obsessions. He takes bold stands in favor of the cryptocurrency from time to time, and Tesla both holds bitcoin on its balance sheet and at one point accepted bitcoin as a payment method,”

“Given Twitter’s reach and the way it uses software to connect far-flung users, Musk could see it as the ultimate vehicle to realize a long-held dream of promoting a nongovernmental, global currency.”

A tech analyst at Wedbush Securities Dan Ives also said that sooner or later, the world will know what Musk has up his sleeve, according to a CNN report:

“I think he intends to go active and force change at Twitter,” said, “This is a shot across the bow at Twitter’s board and management team to start discussions.”

“One way or another, he’s going to change the course of Twitter,” Ives said.

Sources: Western Journal, CNN, Washington Post

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