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Why This Biker Gang Nearly Beat A Bar Patron To Death Is….

A group of motorcycle club members’ allegedly attacked and beat one Carleton man inside Wolf’s Den Bar over the weekend.

According to police, the 35-year-old victim was about to leave the said bar on Saturday when he accidentally bumped a man wearing Iron Coffins Motorcycle Club colors. Multiple members of the group started to yell at the man, so he decided to leave the bar through a side door, according to authorities. He tried to walk away from several members of the club, but they followed him, officials said.

Police said, “The victim was able to fend off the first attacker and attempted to fend off the second attacker when several more club members joined in.”

Watch it here: Fox 2/video

The 35-year-old victim who also had seizures suffered a head wound and needed 28 staples.

The Carleton Police Department announced on social media on Monday that morning all the men had been identified after an appeal to the public.

Chief of Police Roy Johnson also said that police are seeking aggravated assault charges against the men.’

Fox 2 was able to speak with the victim who asked not to talk on-air about what happened. The victim said that the incident has caused him a really bad headache and is taking pain pills.

Mike Wolf, the bar owner said that the victim was a nice kid that causes no problem. “The gentleman who’s got the stitches is a really nice kid,” he added “He doesn’t cause any problems, he’s a good kid-  and we don’t really know what happened.”

MLive report added:

The Iron Coffins have also been at the center of a recent murder trial. Zacharie Scott Borton, 43, was accused of shooting and killing Delmar Eugene Fraley, 80; Edward John Kantzler, 70; and Michael George Pauli, 70, who were members of the Iron Coffins, according to testimony at the trial. The three men were found dead from gunshot wounds in August 2021 in Grass Lake Township.

A jury on April 4 found Borton guilty of murder in the deaths of Fraley and Pauli.

Sources: FOX2, MLive


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