They Asked Her About The Scar, Her Answer Had Them Absolutely Floored…

After they asked her about the scar, she responded with an answer that had them totally floored, to say the least…

Scars are about as unique as people themselves. No two scars are exactly alike, just like no two individuals are exactly alike either.

The one thing about scars is that sometimes they tell a story. A lot of people will find pride in a scar because it means that they survived something deadly. For example, there are some people who have scars as a result of being bit by a dog. But if they want to think positive, they simply view it as a “battle scar” of a time where they survived a traumatic event.

However, there are even fewer people that have the type of scars that we are about to share with you. These images can be both beautiful and terrifying, because the scars form unique shapes. On the other hand, they are terrifying because they come from one of the most violent and deadly forces on planet Earth.

All of these scars occurred due to a lightning strike. Moreover, these images were created on Bored Panda, and they show everyone just how amazing they are. Most of these “scars” are shaped like ferns, otherwise known as Lichtenberg figures or “lightning flowers.”

These scars, otherwise known as “fern-like erythema”, are usually the result of burst capillaries. The lightning strike flows through a person’s body, bursting the blood vessels just under the skin and leaving these unusual scars.

If you’re curious, the odds of being struck by lightning are very rare, at a rate of one in ten million. Unfortunately, those odds are far better than winning the Powerball, which gives you odds of one in 292 million.

Now, most of the time, a lightning strike will result in death. This is nothing to laugh about or mess around with. That is why when a lightning storm is raging in your neck of the woods, your best bet would be to stay in a shelter and away from things that might increase your risk of becoming a target for these bolts that can have as much as 100 million volts of electricity.

Just one lightning bolt can cause severe organ damage. Some of these victims are left with a “flashover effect” where the electricity is passing over their skin and leaving them with some unique temporary markings. Just look at these photos:


The Royal Meteorological Society believes that these markings result when the electrons of the lightning bolt get “driven into the epidermis and radiate outward from successive points in a fractal pattern of repeated bifurcations.”

In other words, lightning bolts are the most powerful electrical charges on Earth. They can travel as fast as 270,000 miles per hour, and they can be thick as two to three centimeters, and they will reach temperatures as high as 30,000 degrees Celsius, five times hotter than the surface of the sun.

People on different sites have already marveled over these scars, making comments such as the following:

“It probably hurt like hell, but it’s amazing.”

“Holy smoke, these people look like they are very lucky to be alive. I wonder if they bought a lottery ticket after surviving that.”

“They’re really quite beautiful.”

“These fern marks are not permanent. They go away after a few months. My cousin was struck by lightning, and this happened to her. A miracle they survived.”

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