How This Woman Makes A Million Dollars A Month For EATING Will Blow You Away! [VIDEO]

This woman makes a million dollars a month for eating, and the way that she does it will blow you away! It is very shocking…

This woman has literally achieved the American Dream by eating bizarre assortments of food on camera so that she can help relax viewers. This 27-year-old YouTube star is Naomi Grace MacRae, and she began filming videos at 2 a.m. after she arrived home form work. Now she has launched a content-creation career that she said has been netting her $1 million per month! That’s because literally thousands of people tune into her HunniBee ASR channel, helping her to earn this money. She was able to quit her day job and focus on this unorthodox niche of eating these odd food items to help people be relaxed.

MacRae now has more than six million subscribers, and she has figuted out how to make money eating all kinds of quirky items, including a dish sponge, edible hairbrush, or even a champagne bottle. These are called “autonomous sensory response” videos and they are extremely popular and are helping her earn money so that she no longer has to pursue a career in the fitness industry.

MacRae was first inspired to create these videos after she experienced ASMR via a YouTube personality named Gentle Whisper, who had been tapping a mirror and whispering at the same time. After experiencing the effects of ASMR, MaRae knew it was something that she would have to experience herself.

“I instantly got this intense wave of tingles at the top of my head, to my shoulders, and down my back. Let us just say I was addicted and completely infatuated with ASMR from that day on,” Naomi told FEMAIL.

It wasn’t long before she was making her own videos and uploading them to YouTube herself, and she soon realized that she was on to something that was very popular.

“Although, I didn’t totally understand what ASMR was. I started doing more research found that ‘ASMR’ is the acronym for autonomous sensory meridian response. This is the intense sensation I felt that one night and realized I had felt it many times before when I was younger.”

The success of MacRae’s YouTube channel was tenuous at first. That is why she continued to pursue bodybuilding bikini competitions and working in a health supplement store so that she could make ends meet. Life changed for her after going to a Christian college in California.

“When I went to a Christian college in California, this random person came up to me, had no idea my name or who I was, and said to me they felt like God was telling them that I need to start a YouTube channel and that I would help lots of people and it would be very successful. So I ordered a mic that night and wanted to give this thing a shot. That was in 2017.”

She is now claiming that she has made $1 million per month just on these videos alone.

“For the people who might not know— Google actually owns YouTube, and both me and YouTube get paid thru Google Adsense. It’s almost as if myself and YouTube are a team, and Google pays us both a check on the 21st of every month, and we get paid based on the number of views each video gets. So as I started to make more of these ‘edible Mukbang’ videos (a South Korean trend), my views started skyrocketing, and so did my revenue.”



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