There’s Something Strange About Liberal Lori Lightfoot’s St. Patrick’s Day Outfit…

Take a good look, but there is something totally OFF about Lori Lightfoot’s St. Patrick’s Day outfit! She’s a weird one, no doubt about it…

But either way, Lori Lightfoot may be a lot of things, but no one would ever accuse her of being a fashion trendsetter, that is for sure.

Lightfoot has a long history of making questionable choices as far as outfits go, but there was one in particular that she wore to a pre-St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Chicago that has people questioning everything. To say that it has raised a few eyebrows would be a massive understatement.

First of all, it looks like Lori has packed on the pounds this winter, but besides that, there is something else that has caught everyone’s attention.

Does she look like a low-budget Batman villain? Sort of. But it’s not just that, but it’s also the fact that she is being a total hypocrite for her choice of attire.

We have been told constantly by the woke liberal left that it is not right, to “appropriate” or “generalize” someone’s culture, yet now we see Lori, and she is looking like either a tacky version of the Lucky Charms Leprechaun or a kid wearing a low-budget Halloween costume.

For a liberal such as Lori, she really should have known so much better than to wear such a hideous and ghastly outfit.

Here were some of the online comments:

“My culture isn’t your costume… Am I doing this right???”

“So, it’s okay for Lori to dress up in a bad Irish costume, but if I dress up as a Native American am I horrible. and should have my whole life canceled?”

“This is a bad case of cultural approoooooooopriation… lordy.”

“They could remake the batman movie and cast her”

“I thought cultural appropriation was a cancelable offense.”

“My culture it’s not your costume or something like that”

“She dressed like the hamburgular for St Patty’s Day?”

“Lol, can’t believe this pic is real”
“Hello the Scottish delegation would like to fix one mistake and trade Lightfoot at this time to the Russian Federation.”

“Does she not have friends and advisors to warn her off of this?”

Granted, conservatives don’t believe in this “appropriating” nonsense, but if you are a liberal such as Lori Lightfoot, shouldn’t you be practicing what you preach?


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