Civil Unrest

How Buying A Shotgun Landed This Brave Firefighter In Hot Water Is Totally Insane!

New York State continues to tighten the noose around otherwise law-abiding citizens and this time it’s only about buying a gun…

The surveillance state is continuing to show the increasing reach they have on otherwise law-abiding citizens.

Authorities tailed a New York City firefighter who traveled to a gun show in Philadelphia and purchased a firearm at that location. Once the firefighter crossed over in New York again, they arrested him due to the items he had purchased.

It doesn’t matter that Aaron B. Martin, 49, is a veteran of the Fire Department of New York or a member of the elite FDNY unit in Queens. It doesn’t matter that he was a chief for the Long Island volunteer fire department.

The New York Post is reporting that despite all of these things, Martin was arrested February 13th after investigations by the Queen’s District Attorney’s office and the New York State Police.

Of course, the elephant in the room is just how Martin came to the attention of law enforcement authorities in the first place. The Post failed to report on this.

This surveillance team followed Martin into Pennsylvania, where they discovered that he had attended a gun show at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. The team monitored his purchases, according to the Post.

Martin bought several “high-capacity” ammunition magazines, a Sipahi semi-automatic shotgun, and a polymer firearm receiver, which is known for helping to assemble guns that no longer have a manufacturer’s serial number.

When Martin came back to New York, it was then that he was arrested.

They filed multiple charges against Martin, including the felony possession of an assault rifle.

Granted, transporting illegal weapons into a state with tough gun laws is not wise, and it’s up to the courts to determine what will become of Mr. Martin.

Either way, this highlights just how absurd it is to have such tough progressive state regulation when it comes to the right to bear arms. One has to wonder if the New York State Police and the Queens District Attorney is as zealous with their investigative efforts for ruthless gang members as they would be for a first responder who puts his life on the line each and every day.

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