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A Judge Just Made A HUGE Ruling For Madison Cawthorn!

An effort to disqualify North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn from seeking reelection has been blocked by a federal judge on Friday.

The claim alleged that Cawthorn was involved in the January 6th Capitol rally. However, U.S. District Judge Richard Myers in Wilmington issued a preliminary injunction, according to a hearing summary provided by the federal court system. The order is a victory for Cawthorn, a 26-year-old, first-term Republican and close ally of former President Donald Trump.

This means the constitutional challenge against Cawthorn is over, though Friday’s ruling could be appealed. It’s a major victory for the pro-Trump firebrand, and a loss for the coalition of constitutional scholars, anti-Trump Republicans, and liberal activists who filed the challenge.

Myers agreed with Cawthorn’s lawyers, who argued that the Amnesty Act of 1872 applied not only retroactively to Confederate officials, but also in perpetuity regarding future rebellions.

Cawthorn has denied any wrongdoing regarding January 6 and says he isn’t an insurrectionist. As part of their case against Cawthorn, the challengers highlighted the fact that he posted militant tweets in the run-up to January 6 and spoke at Trump’s Ellipse rally before the attack.

The 14th Amendment provision states that Congress can vote to remove such disqualifications. Therefore, the provision doesn’t apply to Cawthorn, according to his lawsuit.

Cawthorn’s campaign tweeted “HUGE VICTORY! The left’s lawfare tactics have failed. On to reelection!”

China does the same thing to “unapproved” politicians in Hong Kong. The Dems are copying the idea and these Marxists love it.

Cawthorn’s support for President Trump during the 2020 election was the reason why Dems are eager to punish him. Cawthorn firmly believed that the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump. He’s a superstar Representative and a popular Trump supporter.

Cawthorn provided a glimpse of his love for this country at the RNC when the world got to see who he really is.

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