What One Man Said About Seeing A UFO Will….

This man has some things to say about seeing a UFO and you will find it very shocking, to say the least…

Former Air Force member Adrian Reister is claiming to have seen multiple unexplainable situations while he was working in the military.

During an interview with the LIberation Times, the former nuclear weapons technician explained that he saw at least two paranormal events involving the nuclear weapons at Whiteman Air Force Base from more than 15 years ago, and the details are fascinating, to say the least.

Obviously, people who believe in this stuff are usually hyper-vigilant, so if they notice an unusual light or orb they will continue to monitor the tree lines and the sky. However, this man says that what he saw was literally unexplainable.

For at least a minute, he thought that it was just a satellite, but as his transport team arrived and began securing the weapon for the facility, he noticed that this orb was bouncing a little in the sky to the left and literally shot as much as 90 degrees straight and then disappeared completely.

If that weren’t interesting enough, Reister also claims to have seen a being that is really remarkable and truly difficult to describe.

Reister says that he can’t really describe it as other than a black mass in the shape of a person at about 6 feet tall, and it was not really a shadow form but something that was really blurry and it didn’t reflect any light. Reister explained that this apparition quickly turned a corner and then left the shop, and he chased after it like a madman.

As Mr. Reister ran down the length of the wall from the support section and into the administration area, he searched high and low for any area where the figure might have been hiding, but he came up empty-handed.

Of course, this isn’t the first time a story like this has happened, and there are many skeptics out there that might say it’s all hogwash.

However, individuals like Mr. Reister swear up and down that they see figures like this, and it literally feels like it’s Jeff Bridges in that Starman movie for sure, but this UFO folklore is something that just won’t go away.

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