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ANTIFA’s Sick Connection To MS-13 Revealed!

After allegedly inflicting severe damage to the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct last spring, Christina V. Devitt, a 34-year-old Antifa militant from Seattle, Washington, pleaded “not guilty” to criminal charges on Monday.

But after further investigation, the 34-year-old turns out to have MS-13 connections.

Christina Devitt has been charged with criminal mischief stemming from an event in May 2021 in which she decided it would be a wonderful idea to ram a dumpster through the garage door of the Seattle Police Department East Precinct. According to reports, the damage cost over $750 and prevented units from responding to local emergencies.

Being an Antifa delinquent isn’t Devitt’s first introduction to breaking the law. It would seem, back in 2003, that Devitt was friendly with members of MS-13, a violent street gang, and testified in a murder case in which saw three gang members were found guilty.

According to The Post Millenial:

In 2003, Christina Devitt testified as a prosecution witness in a murder trial involving the MS-13 gang, one of the world’s most brutal street gangs internationally known for their violent murders.

Devitt testified that she was at the home of MS-13’s Joel Soto-Rodriguez when he and two other gang members, Freddie Dominguez and Rojel Perez-Mejia, abruptly left the party to take care of a dispute with a rival gang in White Center, a suburb of West Seattle.

A bystander that witnessed the confrontation named Margaret Emmitt, who tried to make peace between the two groups, was shot and killed by Perez-Meija during an exchange of gunfire. Both Perez-Meija and Dominguez pled guilty to second-degree murder. The jury found Soto-Rodriguez guilty of first-degree murder after it was determined that he supplied Perez-Meija with a firearm and encouraged them to carry out violence against rival gangs.

Christina Devitt, who is a prominent member of Seattle Antifa and is known for live-streaming demonstrations and engaging in acts of violence, encouraged her followers on social media to pack the courtroom on Monday in support of her arraignment.


In addition, Devitt revealed that she is a seasoned veteran when it comes to run-ins with the law when responding to an Instagram user’s comments on one of her recent posts.

Devitt now awaits trial at the King County Courthouse where a jury will decide the verdict.

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