Baron Von Zuckerberg Just Hit Another Big Snag With His New Name! 

Baron Von Zuckerberg still wants to change the name of that Facebook that we all know and love, but he is encountering some issues, to say the least.

First and foremost, Facebook’s efforts to rebrand themselves with the corporate name of Meta would actually be encroaching on the territory of an Arizona company that was already using that name.

The report in the Hill is stating that among the companies that use the name “Meta” as part of their names, there is a tech company called Meta PCs. Not only that, but they have a presence on Facebook, and they are not happy about the social media giant’s proposed media name change.

“If you want a high performance custom PC with supreme build quality and award-winning support, look no further than Meta PCs to provide you with the best solution,” the company’s Facebook page says.

This company not only sells computers, tablets, laptops, and software, it also recently filed the right to make the word “Meta” a registered trademark for all things technology, according to TMZ.

However, TMZ also notes that this company might be willing to cut a deal with Facebook and CEO Baron Von Zuckerberg (Mark) where they would sell the rights to that name for $20 million. Considering that Zuck is one of the richest men in the world, that’s just coffee money to him.

“We’ve bootstrapped this company with our own personal funds. When we learned Facebook chose the same name, it was obviously a concern that we would lose whatever organic reach we had worked hard to build,” Meta PCs co-founder Zack Shutt reported, as noted by the Guardian.

Shutt also marked the occasion by releasing a parody video where he was on Twitter and he was announcing, “To reflect who we are and what we hope to build, I’m proud to announce that we are now Facebook.”

Trademark Attorney Clarissa Harvey was interviewed by Forbes Magazine and told them that the application from Meta PC “is still pending review but it appears they are claiming Nov. 01, 2020.”

“Meta PC’s description of goods includes ‘Computers, laptops and portable computers, tablets, computer peripherals, servers, networking equipment, software, computer components, namely, ram, disk drives, namely, hard and optical disk drives, and all related accessories, namely, keyboards, mice, wireless keyboards and mice, speakers, external hard drive backup devices, wireless air cards, wireless routers, monitors, chairs,” she said.

Interestingly enough, Meta PC is now also saying that this unwanted name recognition has actually had a few benefits regardless. For one thing, their presence on social media has undergone as high as a 5,000 percent increase. However, the company wasn’t very clear on the time period for that increase in social media attention.

“Should Facebook have done a better job and performed more research/due diligence before announcing a rebrand? In a word, yes,” technology industry analyst Charles King of PUND-IT told Forbes.

“The fact that another company apparently owns the ‘Meta’ name/brand makes Facebook’s Meta rollout and Mark Zuckerberg’s awkward demo seem like something the company pulled out of thin air or a handy orifice.”

King said that this was nothing more than a tremendous meta-collision and it makes Facebook look really bad. If Facebook wants to change their name, that is all well and good, but at least for the time being they have definitely lost their way.

“Instead, Facebook is pursuing a course that is likely to leave many wondering if Zuckerberg and his company have the faintest idea of how to plan and implement a long-term strategy or diffuse a major crisis,” King said.

The new name of Facebook has also inspired jokesters to poke fun at Zuckerberg, because “meta” is actually strikingly similar to the Hebrew word for “dead”, as defined by the Times of Israel.

However, in Portuguese and Spanish, the word is not quite as troubling simply because it is defined as simply the word “goal.” Unfortunately, Brazilian Facebook users may not care for the name change, due to the fact that the word has a sexual connotation in their country.

Even though Mr. Zuckerberg was starting issues with one company, apparently the announcement of this name change was a boon for a different “Meta” company. The Novia Scotia-based Meta Materials has stock that rose 26 percent upon the news of Zuckerberg’s Facebbok name-change announcement.






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