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What Happened To This 17yr Old Boy After Getting The Jab Is Beyond Tragic!

A 17-year-old Canadian boy has now died from complications of the COVID-19 just a couple weeks after receiving the COVID-19 injection.

Sean Hartman had suffered multiple health problems after he received the vaccine and then he would ultimately pass away from complications due to the shot about two weeks after receiving it.

According to the Expose UK, the following events occurred:

A 17-year-old boy in Canada died of a heart attack at home on September 27th reportedly two weeks after he received a Covid-19 injection.

Sean Hartman is said to have suffered from “multiple” health problems “immediately” after the jab, including myocarditis, or heart inflammation. He received the COVID jab in order to be able to play hockey in an arena where the shot is required for entry.

“Sean was born on January 31st 2004, and since then there was nothing that Sean was more passionate about than sports, especially hockey as he played his entire life, reads his GoFundMe page. “He started his hockey career playing for the Beeton Stingers and went on to play for TNT in Alliston. Whether watching or playing, Sean just loved the game.”

Sean was involved with the Beeton Athletic Association, and they posted a piece about Sean’s passing on their Facebook page.

Now, normally, Canada is actually pretty liberal. However, it would appear that there is a segment of the Canadian population that is realizing that no, these vaccines are not safe for you. That is probably one of the main reasons why there was a protest against these deadly vaccines immediately following Sean’s death.

Sean’s father also posted several heartbreaking tweets immediately after his son’s death.

“I would give anything for another bike ride with you,” Sean’s father said. “Thank you all for the love and support.”

“I’m not saying the vaccine killed my son I believe it COULD’VE. The people who believe it absolutely COULDN’T HAVE are the ones we need to worry about. MASTER OF PUPPETS PULLING YOUR STRINGS,” he said iin another tweet.

This is why no one, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, should be in support of these vaccine mandates.


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