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Her Eyes Were CUT OUT By The Taliban, What She Said Was Beyond Bonechilling…

Now that the Taliban has taken over in Afghanistan, they are pledging that they will be respectful to women. Well, there is an Afghani woman by the name of Khatera who is saying that no, the Taliban is not going to respect or honor women’s rights despite the terrorist group’s insistence otherwise.

The Details

In a Monday interview with the News 18 affiliate based out of India, Khatera, 33, recalled when the horrific attack occurred in 2020 when her father – a former fighter with the Taliban – had tipped off this Islamist militant group that had daughter was working.

Under Sharia law, women are not allowed to work.

Last October, Khatera noted that her father, who is currently still unnamed at the time of this reporting, allegedly had conspired with the Taliban to stage an attack on his own daughter as she returned home from work one day.

Khatera – who was working for the local police station at the time – had been shot at least eight times, stabbed, and had her eyes gouged out by a knife and removed from their sockets. She was left for dead by the Taliban fighters, and to make matters worse, she was pregnant during the attack.

“It’s tough for the world to imagine what we built in the past 20 years,” she told the outlet. “We built dreams. Now they are gone. It’s all over for us. Women who work with the government or police were being hunted and threatened even before the Taliban had taken over the country. Now, the concern has gone beyond letting women work. At this point, I am scared if they would leave these women alive. They don’t just kill women — they make animals feed on their bodies. They are a blot on Islam.”


Khatera said that the Taliban does not view women in the right way. They are not “living, breathing human beings,” but “merely some meat and flesh to be battered.”
“[The Taliban] first torture us and then discard our bodies to show as a specimen of punishment,” she said. “Sometimes our bodies are fed to dogs. I was lucky I survived it. One has to live in Afghanistan under the Taliban to even imagine what hell has befallen on women, children, and minorities here.”

After this horribly gruesome attack, Khatera fled with her husband and her children to Delhi, where she continues to be a medical patient because of the injuries she sustained in this attack.

“The Taliban don’t allow women to visit male doctors, and at the same time, don’t let women study and work,” she told the outlet. “So then what is left for a woman? Left to die? Even if you think we are just reproductive machines, there is no common sense but pure hate. How does a woman deliver her child according to the dictum of these men with guns without medical care?”

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