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This Is What The COVID Camps Will Look Like In The United States!

In late 2019, before the Chinese virus became prominent, there was such a thing as civility and human rights. However, fast forward to today, and we are now seeing individuals within these same civilized western nations that are building some facilities where even Stalin would feel right at home. Who would have thought that in today’s progressive world government thugs would be forcing citizens into these compounds against their will?

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but here we are a year-and-a-half later, and sure enough, here we are.

Yes folks, your personal rights can erode away very quickly. Just ask the citizens of Nazi Germany. The Germany of 1938 was a far cry from the Germany of 1939-1945.

It looks like the government of Australia is planning on building what they call a “mandatory quarantine accommodation”, and this new building is going to start its first phase in “early 2022.” This is going to be the second of the facilities in this country and it will have the capacity of up to 3,000 when the construction is completed.

Am I looking at Australia, which I thought was a staunch American ally, or am I looking at an example of George Orwell’s “1984”? I tell you, folks, I am having a hard telling these two concepts apart, especially when you consider that this Australian camp is going to be called “The Center for National Resilience” and now we Australian bureaucrats saying that this experimental jab known as the vaccine is going to be called the golden “ticket to freedom.”

It is time to go back to reality here. Police officers and the military both have been coming to people’s homes in Australia and they are conducting random “welfare checks” and they are following up on tips regarding people that have been ratted out by their fellow citizens.

Sound familiar?

As of right now, these rule breakers are being taken to hotels, but once this facility is built, you can bet your bottom dollar that the great majority of them are going to go to this “Vax-entration camp” in the northern part of Australia.

As a matter of fact, it gets even worse when you consider that the police are even totally assaulting those who are in defiance of the vaccine and wearing the mask!

It’s gotten to this point after a year and a half, where will it be in a year from now?

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Australians were sent letters from the Government regarding these restrictions and the government’s plans to put those not in compliance in these camps. Moreover, these letters indicated that these restrictions in Australia could last as long as three years or more.

“With COVID-19 quarantine requirements expected to continue in some form at least over the next two to three years, the Victorian Government has further committed to investigating alternative models of mandatory quarantine, including purpose-built Alternative Quarantine Accommodation outside of Melbourne’s Central Business District”

If you don’t think something like this cannot come to America, then think again.

The CDC is already publishing an approach where they discuss building COVID internment camps, and they are labeling them with the politically correct terms of “green zone” or even calling the entire practice “shielding approach.”
So unfortunately, if the liberals remain in charge, it’s only a matter of time before they try something like this here.



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