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HUH? Even Online Universities Are Requiring Mandatory Vaccinations!

University of Michigan’s far-left president Dr. Mark Schlissel has mandated that all students and staff members take the COVID jab before they step foot on his campus in the fall.

The far-left University of Michigan President Dr. Mark Schlissel has mandated that all of his students will need to take the COVID jab before they are able to even set foot on his campus next fall. Fair enough, you say, but read on, because the COVID-19 hysteria in this case is going to get much worse.

Dr. Mark Schlissel stated the following in a Twitter post: “s part of our commitment to a safe and vibrant Fall semester, today our Ann Arbor, @UMFlint, @UM_Dearborn & @UMichMedicine campuses are taking the critical step to require all faculty, staff & @UMichStudents to be vaccinated against #COVID19. — Dr. Mark Schlissel (@DrMarkSchlissel) July 30, 2021”

In his stunning letter to both students and staff, this overreaching liberal president of the University of Michigan said that all students, both traditional and online, would need to be fully vaccinated by August 1st. This is the same university that had the asinine idea to give their students play-doh and coloring books to deal with the fact that Donald Trump won the 2016 election for U.S. President.

In Dr. Schlissel’s notification to the students and his staff, he noted that even though 81% of the student body have received the COVID jab, he feels that percentage is not enough for him. Dr. Schlissel is not going to be satisfied until 100% of his staff and the student body have gotten the jab. He wants to make sure that anyone who has even a REMOTE chance of getting COVID gets the shot. That’s all well and good, but Dr. Schlissel is getting so carried away that his behavior is almost worthy of its very own South Park episode.

Even though Dr. Schlissel has established himself as a fully esteemed Wuhan virus expert, Dr. Schlissel wasn’t done yet. He’s also not only demanding that not only should any staff or students that are going to be on campus by August 30th be fully vaccinated, but he wants all staff and students that plan on WORKING REMOTELY to get vaccinated as well. What, does he think that COVID spreads online now as well?


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