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Ya Don’t Say? The Level Of Violence In Liberal Cities Is Absolutely Embarrassing!

Something really weird (read: rotten) is going on in Democrat-controlled cities across the United States. Mayhem, murder, and violent crime rates keep skyrocketing faster than commercial-grade fireworks. Will the liberals finally make the connection that perhaps the skyrocketing crime rates just might have something to do with the fact that they defunded their police departments? That remains to be seen, but judging from their track record, the answer to that question is probably no. However, even to the most casual observer, it’s a no-brainer that these skyrocketing shootings and armed robberies just might have something to do with those defunded police departments.

Socialist Democrat Paradise

California has always been billed as a “socialist Democrat paradise”, and part of the reason for that is because it has always been billed as a laboratory for all of the pet projects that liberals want to try out before they unleash on an unsuspecting world. First of all, you need to look at the fully progressive city of Oakland, which is right across the bridge from Nancy Pelosi’s hippy-dippy San Francisco office, and both of these locales are having what they are afraid to term as a “safety emergency.”

Armstrong told some of the reporters that are always crowding his door that between 10 p.m. last Sunday and 10 a.m on Monday, his department was responding to “seven different shootings.” If you are a member of the Oakland PD, that means that you are in for “12 hours of nonstop chaos.” Indeed, one of the things that disturb the Oakland police chief the most would have to be that the only reason that these shots were fired in the first place was “to make some noise.” However, the average Democrat in the Bay Area doesn’t seem to realize that what goes up must come down. Bullets do not come down easily. They come down hard. “That is what is concerning. The level of celebratory gunfire is something that we haven’t seen before.”

Cops: Clearly Outnumbered

Chief Armstrong has also noted that a great deal of that celebratory Democrat gunfire wasn’t just being fired for kicks and giggles. Unfortunately, most of the gunfire was aimed at someone in particular. Moreover, there were plenty of cases where the intended victim wasn’t even the one killed or injured.

Most of the time, it’s the innocent bystanders who end up becoming the casualties. “Does our department need resources?” Armstrong asked. “Yes, we clearly do. We are completely and totally outnumbered here.”

Chief Armstrong in particular is getting tired of all of these grim nights. The last time, they had several victims who were “critically injured” and even one who passed away and couldn’t be saved. That’s not something that Chief Armstrong likes to see happen.

“Our city has not seen such a high level of violence in many, many years,” he said. Chief Armstrong can only blame the Democratic side of these lawmakers, because one thing is for certain: it definitely isn’t the conservative side of things that is making life difficult for law enforcement.

Indeed, even the Democrat members of the Oakland City Council are starting to have second thoughts about some of this flawed liberal leadership. One member, Noel Gallo, is now noting that the recent crime wave “definitely has Oakland in a safety emergency.” Gallo grew up in Oakland and he could never recall it being as bad as it is now. That’s why he wants to make Oakland great again.

“I grew up here in Oakland and East Oakland, and it is the worst I’ve ever seen. And not only dealing with the side shows, dealing with the fireworks, but also the violence on the streets. But the reality is that we need greater enforcement.” 67 people have been killed in Oakland so far in 2021.


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