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Joe Biden Just Forgot The Name Of One Of His Top People!

Joe Biden is definitely a liberal media darling, and yet ask anyone who is not buying the liberal spin, and you will see a man who seems to be losing it right in front of us.

Let’s just cut to the chase here: last Friday, President Biden forgot the name of one of his top people, his Health and Human Services Secretary, Xavier Becerra.

Biden signed an executive order that was “aimed at promoting competition within the U.S. economy.”

During this meeting, Biden was joined by several of his cabinet members and he went blank when he called on Xavier Becerra. “Javier – Mr. Secretary, you can come here too. I’ve been watching you on television and you have been really good,” Biden said to one of his own members of his Cabinet.

He refers to him just like one would an acquaintance, and it is almost like he doesn’t know this person at all.

Mr. Becerra works for President Biden, and he even has his own office, yet the President doesn’t seem to know who this person is. Yet, if we ask the media, they will just say that this is just Biden overcoming a stuttering problem! Can we stop this charade already?


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