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They Just Slipped Up And Said That They Are Spying On Us All!

They recently hosted the crooked Andrew Weissmann on the far-left MSNBC to discuss just what the NSA was doing in regards to their allegations of spying on Tucker Carlson. You might recall that Weissmann is the individual who oversaw and ran the Mueller investigation that harassed President Trump for his entire term. Weissmann is more than likely the individual who is involved in the BS indictments of the Trump Organization and their CFO as well.

Weissmann is nothing more than a con artist and he attempted to put a crime together on President Trump. That’s why Weissman was involved in the Trump-Russia nonsense from the start, and he knew right from the get-go that it was made up. He was attacking President Trump using the taxpayers’ money and he really couldn’t have cared less what people in America might have thought about it. He was laser-focused on one Donald John Trump.

They created this sham by Hillary in response to the various emails that they knew were coming out in 2016. It was because Hillary was involved in selling 25% of America’s uranium to Russia and her foundation received millions in return.

You see, Hillary needed a Russia story on then-Presidential candidate Donald Trump, so she did what Hillary does best: she just made one up. All of it was BS. Everyone knew that Putin really wanted Hillary elected and NOT Trump like the liberal continues to claim. Putin knew that he could have whatever he wanted with Hillary in charge. Why do you think he invaded Crimea when Obama was in the White House? Trust us, the man knows that he can get away with far more with a Democrat president than a GOP president any day of the week.

Here’s a shocker for you all: even before President Trump stepped into the White House he was under attack by individuals such as Weissmann and other Deep State henchmen. First of all, the B.S. Mueller investigation was formed on nothing more than malarkey and nonsense from James Comey and others, but that didn’t stop Weissmann, for he is right now leading the charge to try to get President Trump from Day One. It was really Weissmann who was running the show, simply because of the fact that Mueller was old and senile and not able to run anything at all at that point. Moreover, the corrupt investigation uncovered some text messages between two other crooks in the Mueller gang, named Strzok and Page. However, once they were caught with their pants down, they had no choice but to wipe clean as many as 31 different phones even though they claimed that nothing was on them. Just what were they hiding, hmmm?

This was destroying evidence, nothing more and nothing less. They did this because they wanted to cover up the fact that the text messages showed their tremendous hatred of President Trump.

After he left the federal government, this Weissmann dude worked on a book appropriately titled, ‘Where the Law Ends: Inside the Mueller Investigation’.

A publication called Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse reported yesterday on a recent Weissmann interview at MSNBC. Sundance noted that the NSA has no oversight and it was something that was created during the Obama Administration. Along with this, there is data collected by the NSA which many people claim was collected illegally on Americans. This data is supposed to be segregated from the rest of the DOJ. However, Weissmann slipped up during the interview and shares that this data is essentially shared with the rest of the DOJ:

Of course, the way that the current story is being told, there was a whistleblower who told Tucker Carlson that the NSA had intercepted his data. It was supposed to stay in the silo, but instead of simply focusing on foreign intelligence gathering they focused on one of their own. If an American such as Tucker Carlson is picked up “by accident”, they are not supposed to share that information. However, all you have to do is simply look at how cavalier Weissmann is regarding this information during a recent MSNBC program. He tells Carlson that if he had been concerned, then all he had to do was simply go to the Department of Justice (DOJ). This crooked Weissmann didn’t even raise an eyebrow at all. Oh brother. We’re headed to a banana republic if this kind of behavior doesn’t stop, folks. It makes you wonder just who is really running our DOJ anyway?


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