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Come On! Now Sears Is Bowing To The Left Woke Mob!

Ashli Babbitt was a U.S. Air Force veteran who they murdered inside the U.S. Capitol when she made an attempt to climb through a broken window on January 6th while a group of armed police officers stood behind her.          

Earlier today, the Gateway Pundit identified the individual they say shot and killed Mrs. Babbitt. Ashli Babbitt’s husband Aaron Babbitt and Attorney Terrell Robers discussed the matter with Tucker Carlson in mid-June, going over the continued challenges they are encountering regarding getting any information on her death or the identity of the government-employed killer. During the discussion, Tucker Carlson questioned Attorney Roberts about various issues surrounding this incident, including the report that Ashli’s shooter had also carelessly left his loaded firearm in the U.S. Capitol restroom.               

Tucker Carlson: Mr. Roberts, I have to ask you, I have seen the online reports, and that’s incredible, but I don’t know if they are true, but the Capitol Hill police officer who shot Ashli Babbitt, he was the same officer who had left his loaded handgun in a public men’s room on the Capitol. Do you believe that this officer who left his handgun there could be one and the same? If that’s the case, he sure seems like a very reckless person who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt on January 6th?              

Attorney Terrell Roberts: That is my belief. Yes, that is my belief.      

And now, we get to the crux of the matter with how the retail chain Sears has ended up getting itself involved in this. Apparently, last week there was a far-left activist named Aaron Rupar who shared a picture of a black t-shirt that had been for sale on both the Sears website and the Kmart site as well. The black t-shirt was sporting an American flag that read: “Ashli Babbitt—American Patriot.” 

Rupar’s tweet was met by the usual leftist mob stuff, including calls to boycott both Sears and Kmart. Additionally, an individual named Donna referred to Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed U.S. Air Force veteran when she was shot mind you, as a “terrorist” and said that is yet another reason for her not to shop at either retail outlet.     

“Sears and Kmart are still in business??” she tweeted. “Selling terrorist t-shirts is definitely not going to help them. I guess this is just one more reason why we should continue not shopping at either one of them.”           

Moreover, this Twitter user also made a sick joke about making a perfume that smells like bear spray and tear gas and naming it after the deceased Air Force veteran. You’ve got to wonder: where were these twisted liberals when BLM and Antifa were violently attacking and KILLING innocent for several years on end?          

And now we get to a Twitter user named “Jo”, who has 172K followers on her account, and she made a joke about Ashli’s death in a tweet about KMart’s “shitty ass” Ashli Babbitt shirt.      Sears proved in this instance that they didn’t have a backbone, simply because they bowed down to the leftist thugs, apologizing for selling a t-shirt that called Ashli Babbitt an “American Patriot.”       

“Thank you for bringing this item to our attention. This item is no longer for sale on or,” they wrote.          

Way to go, Sears. Way to cave to these hateful leftist anti-American bigots.


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