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What Gropin Cuomo Just Declared A Disaster Emergency Is Absolutely Insane!

Apparently gropin’ Governor Cuomo is at it again. When he is not sexually harassing his underlings, he is passing terrible laws and executive orders. His latest one declared the entire state of New York to be under a “disaster emergency” simply on the matter of gun violence.

“Today I am issuing an Executive Order declaring a Disaster Emergency on gun violence. Gun violence is a public health crisis, and we must treat it like one. This declaration will allow us to give this crisis the full attention and resources that it deserves,” the Democrat official tweeted.

During remarks last Tuesday, Cuomo discussed various plans to combat and curb the gun violence within his state, and one of these included a “border war” that is intended to block firearms from flowing in from other states.

The New York State Police is going to form a new Gun Trafficking Interdiction Unit that is meant to stop the flood of illegal guns that keep coming from other states into the Empire State. We must stop these states with weak gun laws from taking us over,” Cuomo tweeted. “Combating gun violence means that we must take them off the street. 74% of the guns that were used in heinous crimes in our state were purchased from outside the Empire State.”

Cuomo continued to deliver remarks on Tuesday, claiming that “we have wasted a lot of time and money in this nation fighting illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is not killing American residents. Illegal guns are killing Americans.” Well, that illegal immigrant that stabbed that guy and used his head as a soccer ball would beg to differ with you, sir.

“Gun violence continues to be a major civil rights issue. Yes, we need education. Yes, we need employment. Yes, we have discrimination. But we also need to look at gun violence. This is because gun violence continues to hit the black and brown communities the hardest and it is compounding some of the damage that we see from COVID-19,” Cuomo said.

Another avenue where Cuomo claims his state is going to try to tackle the problem would be through funding summer employment opportunities for youth that are deemed at-risk.

Cuomo raised the Chicken Little meter even higher when he noted that more people were shot on the July 4th weekend than those who had passed away from COVID-19. 51 people were shot while only 13 individuals had passed away as a result of the coronavirus.

“If you can beat COVID-19, then you also can beat gun violence. With that, you can beat poverty, you can beat drug abuse, and you can beat whatever you wanna beat. How bad do we want to do it? We just have to want to do it,” Cuomo said. He called gun violence an “epidemic” and it is now “a matter of life and death.”

I have a sneaking suspicion that with his ultra-liberal leadership this isn’t quite going to work out, but we’ll see.

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