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WOW! Fox News Just Totally Pie Faced Biden’s Gatekeeper!

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy continues to be a paragon of integrity when it comes to asking the right questions during the White House press conferences with President Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki. Doocy has even challenged Psaki on what will be a pivot to crime, and in doing so he highlighted the pivot that Democrats have made to blame gun owners, but not the criminals.

One of the main questions that Peter Doocy asked was the following: “Why has there been a 30% increase in car thefts and a 47% increase in robberies?”

The best answer that Jen Psaki could come up with? “Firearms are more lethal.”

Moreover, for some reason, during the press conference, Psaki kept inappropriately giggling and she got a kick out of the word “crime spree.” I’ve got news for Jen Psaki. This isn’t a Seinfeld episode, honey. This is real life. REAL people are being affected negatively by President Biden’s leadership (or lack thereof) and you are standing there giggling about it!

Democrats continue to try and point the finger at guns for the rise in crime. However, anyone with half a brain knows that the finger should be pointing at criminals. Without consequences and a stance that is tough on crime, all across the blue states in the U.S., criminals everywhere are being coddled and released.

Couple this with the fact that Biden said he wants to end cash bail. Oh boy, what could go wrong there? Lots of things. Yes, cash bail is difficult for poor people. However, the problem with ending cash bail is that it will simply encourage criminals to commit more crimes if they have an easy time bonding out.

Biden addressed crime prevention last Wednesday, but his policies are non-starters because of his policy of wanting to end cash bail. One particular section of Biden’s criminal justice policy reads: “End the criminalization of poverty. Cash bail is the modern-day debtors’ prison. The cash bail system incarcerates people who are presumed innocent. And, it disproportionately harms low-income individuals.”

What are your thoughts on this?


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