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Liberals ALREADY Attacking Gay NFL Player For An Absolutely Insane Reason!

Carl Nassib came out as gay, and he was widely praised within the mainstream media because he became the first openly gay NFL player that was active on a team roster. However, there are certain liberals who are not happy about this. Why, you ask? Well, there are apparently some rumors that he is a pro-Trump Republican. Myself, I really don’t care what goes on in Mr. Nassib’s bedroom. As a sports fan, all I would care about is whether the guy can play. But I digress.

Nassib is currently playing as a defensive end for the Las Vegas Raiders, and he revealed his sexual preference last Monday in an Instagram video.

Of course, there were LGBTQ (or however many letters they have) that supported Nassib’s decision, there were several who blasted him on social media. Namely, he was excoriated based on some unsubstantiated rumors that he is a conservative member of the GOP who has supported former President Donald Trump in the past.

Apparently, as early as 2019 Nassib was registered to vote as a Republican in two different states.

How did these rumors start? Evidently, some of these liberals cited a photograph where Nassib is with his friends, but one of them is wearing a pro-Trump shirt.

“Yep,” one poster commented. “Carl Nassib is a Trump supporting member of the GOP. This shouldn’t surprise anyone.”

“Apparently, Carl Nassib is registered as a Republican AND he is a Trump supporter. It doesn’t matter to me if he’s gay and proud. That administration was evil and so Nassib doesn’t get a pass,” another detractor said.

“Yes, what Carl Nassib did was great, but he evidently is a Republican and a huge Trump fan. This probably does just as much damage to gay people as anything else would,” another tweet read.

It didn’t take long for the racists to come out as well. First of all, there were a number of people who thought that the way that Carl Nassib was received was racist when it was compared to how the NFL handled Michael Sam coming out as gay.

On Twitter, a user with the handle “Queer Dominance is Liberation” tweeted, [Michael Sam] came out and he was blacklisted from the NFL but Nassib comes out and the ole boy is a hero? GTFOH. Plus, he’s a Trump supporter and there is no way I’m going to praise or support a white Republican.”

Even with this outcry against Nassib, his jersey is now one of the top-selling NFL jerseys at Fanatics, one of the official e-commerce partners of the NFL.

Seems to me this is an example of liberals eating their own or chickens in a coop seeing blood and then pecking each other to death.

But what do YOU think?

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