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He Tried To Steal Their Car, And Got Shot With A Dose Of Karma!

Apparently, there was a team of armed carjackers in Houston that were going around taking cars. However, their luck evidently ran out because they ended up targeting the wrong person. Thus, in their attempts to steal this particular car, they ended up getting into a shootout with the intended victim and getting shot in the neck.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office noted that the same group of armed carjackers had previously shot a victim in another incident earlier last Tuesday. That victim is in his 50s, and he was approached at a 7-Eleven gas station by a couple of males who attempted to take his truck. He fought back, but they shot him in the abdomen.

It was that same day that Houston police responded to another attempt to steal a car and thus another shooting just a half-hour later and only about five miles from that first scene. It was in this second incident that several of these thugs approached their would-be victim and attempted to steal his victim. However, in this case it didn’t work out so well for them. This individual grabbed a gun and shot at them, striking one of the would-be thieves in the neck, according to the call from 911. Police said that the other males had fled the scene instead of attempting to help their cohort in crime.

The suspect who was shot has been hospitalized and police now believe that they are a part of a team of teenage carjackers. The police are now seeking the public’s help in identifying these suspects after they were spotted driving a dark sedan, possibly a Chrysler or a Dodge.

KHOU-TV reported that these teenage individuals that attempted to steal these cars at gunpoint are going to be okay. Needless to say, after they serve their prison sentences, maybe they will try to consider an honest line of work! The suspect who was shot in the neck is going to recover from his injury. Most importantly, however, the first victim that was shot is in stable and he too is going to recover from his injury.

Major U.S. cities keep reporting a skyrocketing rate of carjacking since the coronavirus began. These carjacking are usually committed by young carjackers who team up with more experienced car thieves.

Indeed, this is becoming so much of an issue that even the normally liberal Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is speaking out. She said that the police are putting a special focus on preventing these juveniles from trying to steal a vehicle at gunpoint.

“We’ve got to intervene with these kids, there’s no question,” she said. “We’ve also got to tell them that if they attempt to steal a car at gunpoint, we must and we will hold them accountable.”

What do you think about this rise in carjackings since the beginning of COVID-19?


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