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A Brand New Push To Destroy The Second Amendment Has Started!

Well, folks, it looks like the Biden Palace is getting ready to put some new laws into place, and needless to say, you aren’t going to like them very well. Let’s just say that all of the patriots out there that Hillary just insists are “deplorable” will be pretty ticked off. Simply put, it might be time for freedom-loving patriots everywhere to stand up and take this country back. I’ll just cut to the chase here. The Biden dictatorship is planning on moving full speed ahead on violating the Second Amendment in every way that they possibly can. Liberal lawmakers in one leftist state in particular are throwing every scheme possible against the wall in an effort to make it stick. However, revolutionary war patriots are telling them where they can go.

Grabbing Guns Galore

Unfortunately, this is all happening in my original home state of Colorado, which now has been ruined by a bunch of California liberals moving to it. However, before I digress too much, it looks like Colorado legislators are stunning their conservative GOP co-workers by declaring at least three ways that they are going to take away the right to keep and bear arms for all Colorado citizens.

Of course, there recently was a mass shooting at a King Soopers grocery store in Boulder, and so the Nanny State is now looking at criminalizing guns yet again instead of addressing any of the underlying causes that led to the shooting in the first place. These Colorado lawmakers will be attempting to become the newest Nanny State, and they will put New World Order sympathizers to shame by literally trying to grab every gun off the street. Of course, these liberals are smarter than what we take them for. Because they realize they can’t do all of these gun -grabbing laws at once, they will instead employ the “frog-boiling” method, which is similar to how a frog doesn’t even notice he is being boiled alive until it’s too late. Slow and steady. That, my friends, is the liberals ‘ plan for taking away your gun rights. They think that people will yet again not notice, but this time they are mistaken.

There are three new bills that are joining the pile that Colorado Democrats have already started on since the beginning of the year. The ultra-left Jared Polis has already signed several of these measures into law, including HB21-1106, which is a requirement that all firearms are stored as safely as possible. Well, you say, that’s not bad. However, under this bill you can also be charged with a crime if you have a firearm that has been lost or stolen and don’t report it. Polis also wants to sign a law where even if you have just one argument, you can lose your Second Amendment rights for years. Unfortunately, what these liberals fail to realize is that if you criminalize guns, it only makes it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to obtain them. Legislate the Second Amendment all the way to Kingdom Come if you want, but criminals don’t care, because surprise! surprise! They’re criminals!

If these laws were the only thing that the liberals in the Colorado legislature were attempting to pass it would be bad enough, however, they are also considering SB21-256, which would allow local government the ability to pass gun laws that are stricter than the state. They are also considered laws that would make the background check progress more thorough and a bill that would create the brand-new, taxpayer money-hemorrhaging “Office of Gun Violence Prevention.”

What? No Ban on Assault Weapons?

One of the most conspicuous items that would be missing in this new bill would be a ban on assault weapons. That really is a surprise, especially when you consider that this has always been a pet scheme for the liberals. However, remember that these people are very cunning, and they don’t want to do too much too soon. No need to “scare off the frog.”

Of course, the Democrats keep claiming that any of these laws would have prevented the King Soopers shooting. Well, well, well, that doesn’t prove that this demented individual wouldn’t have gotten his firearm some other way. The bloods and the crips don’t care about this law either.

What do you think about these terrible laws that are damaging to your Second Amendment freedoms? Your comments would be appreciated!

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