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Donald Trump Has Announced His COMEBACK TOUR!

Former President Donald Trump is now ready to announce that he is going to hold his first post-White House rally this month in Wellington, Ohio.

The Former President tells us that it will be the first of many.

June 26th

President Donald Trump is going to appear at the Lorain County Fairgrounds on June 26th and 7 p.m., Ohio time. The doors are going to open at 2 p.m., and the tickets will be free but they will be limited to two per request.

It is unknown at the time of this reporting whether President Donald Trump plans to have any guest speakers at his event. There was a statement from Trump’s Save America PAC that noted that the rally was going to note the first of many appearances for Trump in support of candidates and causes that would further the Make America Great Again movement and also the accomplishments of the Trump Administration.

The Cincinnati Enquirer

According to a report from the Cincinnati Enquirer, the former President is also expected to stump for various political candidates, including former White House aide Max Miller, who is running to take on sitting Republican Anthony Gonzalez, who voted to impeach Trump in the House. It was after this vote that the Ohio GOP voted to censure Gonzalez, and there have now been mounting calls for his resignation.

Last February, Trump lauded Miller’s performance when he was a White House aide and said that he felt that he would be a “fantastic” addition to Congress.

“Max Miller is a wonderful person and he did a fantastic job at the White House and he is going to be a fantastic Congressman,” Trump said to CNN at the time. “As a Marine veteran, he is a son of Ohio, and he is a true patriot.”

Trump won Ohio in the 2020 election by over 8 percentage points over Joe Biden. This June 26th rally is going to be the first of its kind since Trump left office on January 20th.

USA Today reported that the former president is also planning on hosting a rally in Tampa, Florida on July 3rd.

Considering that the former president has been hinting at another presidential campaign in the 2024 election cycle, now is a good time for him to start his rallies yet again.

It was late this last April that Trump confirmed that he was considering yet another run and he said that if he did, he might consider Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) as a possible running mate.

“He is a friend of mine, and certainly Ron would be considered,” Trump said last April. “I endorsed Ron, and after that, Ron took off like a rocket ship. He has done a great job as the Florida governor. They like that, and I’m just saying what I have been reading and what I know you all have been reading. They love that ticket.”

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