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Trump Just Pulled The Rug OUT From Under Sleepy Joe!

You don’t need Donald Trump to show you just how badly Joe Biden is doing running the country. Joe is doing a pretty decent job of showing that to us all himself. However, you can definitely rest assured that former President Donald Trump is going to show people anyway.

America is not even close to being in a good place since Biden took over. Say what you will about Trump’s personality, but at least he had the organization put in place to help Americans roar back when the time was right.

Biden’s been at the helm for less than six months and it’s already proving to us that it is nothing more than a nightmare. This is especially true at the border, with a situation that can only be described as chaotic.

You can bet that Trump was on hand to show Biden just where he has gone wrong and to slam him over his epic failure, especially at the border. He is showing this puppet the way that it’s done with just 5 brutal words.

From LJR:

“The Biden Administration inherited the most secure border in history, and they turned it into the GREATEST BORDER DISASTER IN HISTORY. Our border is now run by cartels, criminals, and coyotes,” Trump said…

Trump also condemned Biden’s immigration policies (or lack thereof) and said, “Our country is being destroyed before our very eyes….the Biden Administration continues to have disastrous decisions, including the one where we formally ended the Remain in Mexico policy, and this is proof that their main objective is to end the U.S. border entirely and flood the country with millions of illegal aliens that every community will be overwhelmed.”

Go back and read that again: Greatest. Border. Disaster. In. History.

Now that the “Remain in Mexico” rule is gone, people that are going to continue to be “caught-and-released” into America, and they will never be seen again. Either that, or they will quickly reproduce and have an “anchor baby” so that they will no longer be in danger of being deported. This is one of the main reasons why Trump demolished Biden by saying that he is “destroying our country before our very eyes.”

Trump claimed that Biden’s main goal was to completely dismantle our border so that our country would continue to be overwhelmed by border jumpers.

Again, say what you will about Trump, but it’s difficult to argue about Donald Trump’s claims. Biden has not only let a multitude of illegal aliens flood our border, but he is doing with YOUR tax dollars.

Instead of securing the border, this man is looking for a way to house all of these people even though they shouldn’t be here in the first place.

Trump went on to explain that the border is not really being “run” by border guards. Instead, it is being “run” by dangerous criminals affiliated with the drug cartels. Even Ted Cruz was able to show that to voters simply by visiting that area, which seems like something that Kamala Harris is too good to do. The question is, when is Biden going to wake up and do something? Will it be this century?

What do you think about Trump calling out these border problems? Please share your comments below!


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