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BREAKING: Democrat Maniac Just Broke Into Mo Brooks’ House, Attacked His Wife!

Well, it looks like California Representative Eric Swallwell (D) has finally kept his promise to serve Republican Representative Mo Brooks (AL) with a lawsuit in regards to his alleged role in the Capitol protest on January 6th. However, the WAY that he did it is definitely raising the ire of the Brooks family, and with good reason.

Although Brooks has now been served with the details of this lawsuit, he is alleging that all that Swallwell’s “team” of goons did was break into his residence and “accost” his wife.

The Details

The background of this is that Eric Swalwell filed a lawsuit against former President Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Jr., Rudy Guiliani, and Mr. Brooks, alleging that they incited the riot at the Capitol by alleging that voter fraud had marred the result of the 2020 election.

To make matters worse for the defendants, this lawsuit claims that these defendants broke laws in Washington D.C. by violating the “anti-terrorism act by inciting this riot and by aiding and abetting these violent rioters and forcing emotional distress to be on the members of Congress,” according to CNN.

They filed the lawsuit last March, and Swalwell’s legal team also told the judge that they were having a difficult time finding Brooks and his family to serve him with the suit. However, part of the reason for that was because Federal Judge Amit Mehta refused to allow U.S. Marshals to serve Brooks with that lawsuit, citing concerns with the “separation of powers.”

According to Swalwell, they hired a private investigator to locate Brooks, but even he couldn’t initially find the congressman. Brooks reportedly taunted Swalwell over his inability to locate him. However, over the weekend, the private investigator was finally able to deliver the lawsuit. But that’s where the trouble began for Mo Brooks and his family. According to Brooks, after the lawsuit was delivered, the private investigator committed criminal trespass in the process because he “accosted” Brooks’ wife. Brooks is claiming that Swalwell’s team of goons actually BROKE INTO the Brooks family home in order to serve these papers.

“Alabama Code 13A-7-2: 1st degree criminal trespass. Year in jail. $6000 fine. More to come!” Brooks continued.

How did Swalwell’s team respond?

Swalwell attorney Philip Andonian spoke with CNN and denied Brooks’ allegations and then proceeded to attack the congressman for failing to volunteer to be served with the lawsuit. “No one entered or even attempted to enter the Brooks’ residence. That allegation has been completely fabricated. The process server lawfully served the papers on Mo Brooks’ wife, as federal rules require,” Andonian stated.

“We only did this after her initial efforts to avoid service. Mo Brooks doesn’t have anyone but himself to blame for the fact that it came to this. We requested that he waive service, and we even offered to meet him at a place of his choosing. However, he chose not to work things out like a civilized person. Instead, he made countless juvenile attempts not only to evade service but to troll us on Twitter.” Andonian continued. “The man literally demanded that we serve him, so we did just that. The important thing is that the complaint has now been served and Mo Brooks is going to be held accountable for his role in the deadly insurrection at the Capitol.” No word yet on whether Swalwell and his Democrat goons are going to go after Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA for their deadly insurrections, but I digress.

Anyhow, whose side do you believe? Feel free to share your thoughts on this.

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