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These Are The Top Reasons Why Whitmer The Witch Must Go!

It’s probably time that we call a spade a spade here. When it comes to Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, there is only one sentence that will describe her. Simply put, this woman is nuts. We could devote pages upon pages discussing just how draconian this woman has been in her so-called leadership of the state of Michigan. The residents of this state truly drew the short end of the stick when they elected this woman as governor, and it literally happened at about the same time that this woman was auditioning to become Joe Biden’s running mate. This woman has been a disaster from the get-go.

Whitmer has been characterized by a whole host of draconians measures in the interest of keeping people safe, including shutting schools and businesses down completely in the early days of COVID even when there was only TWO CASES! Furthermore, it was just last week that Governor Witch-mer declared that Michigan residents could be charged with a misdemeanor unless they were leaving their house for anything other than “essential business.” People are starting to think this woman is going too far. Still, there were many people who believed that Governor Whitmer was still acting in the “best interests of Michigan residents” when she shut down the state for another three weeks.

However, these measures were BEFORE there was a scathing report by Detroit News conservative reporter Kathy Hoekstra detailing the harassment, bullying, and threats that Governor Whitmer made against pharmacists for prescribing hydroxychloroquine, which is a drug that people have used safely for decades to combat against Malaria. She told these pharmacists that she would try to strip them of their licensure even though this drug has been used for years to help treat people with all kinds of different conditions.

When you couple this with the fact that Governor Whitmer has GONE ON RECORD for demanding that all retails stop selling “non-essential items” such as American flags, paint and lawn care products, or even seeds for your garden, you can tell that this woman is totally crazy. Here are some further incidents that DESCRIBE PERFECTLY why Governor Whitmer simply just has to go!

March 2020:

At this point, Michiganders are already starting to get anxious because they are watching their bank accounts dry up and their retirement savings disappear, but Governor Whitmer had the gall to go on MSNBC and criticize Trump’s handling of the coronavirus as “mind-boggling” and how he is “not taking it seriously.”

March 25th:

On March 25th, 2020, Trump was totally eviscerated by the liberals because he referred to Governor Whitmer as “that woman from Michigan.” Whitmer joned in the criticism, and even had shirts made up reading, “That Woman From Michigan.” However, critics of Governor Whitmer said that they believed it was nothing more than a political stunt to attract attention from the Biden Presidential campaign. Moreover, FEMA officials called out Governor Whitmer, saying that she had neglected to ask for a disaster declaration even though at that seven states had already done so. Additionally, Whitmer continued to complain about a lack of help from the federal government, probably in an effort to make President Trump look bad.

April 15th (Tax Day)

Meshawn Maddow of the Michigan Conservative Coation decided that he was fed up with some of the draconian lockdown measures of Governor Whitmer, so he and some of his buddies decided to do something to do about it. They organized a protests that was fairly impressive, to say the least. He teamed up with Marian Sheridan and they gathered together other hard-working conservatives to stage a drive-by protest. Termed “Operation Gridlock”, this was the first-ever COVID-19 protest in the world, drawing as many as 15,000 vehicles to Michigan’s capitol in Lansing. These individuals were fed up with Governor Whitmer’s overreaching mandates, and so they jammed their vehicles into the deserted streets of Lansing. Many individuals purposefully drove their landscaping and construction vehicles past the state capitol in an effort to send this communist-wannabe governor a strong message. It was a valiant effort, but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

April 19th

A 43-year-old father of nine and a dollar store security guard named Calvin James Munerlyn lost his life due to the controversial mask order. He was working at the Family Dollar store in Flint, Michigan, and he encountered a female shopper and asked her to cover her face while inside the store because of the simple fact that Governor Whitmer’s executive stipulated that “everyone must wear in all enclosed public spaces so that we halt the spread of COVID-19.” She refused, and after Munerlyn insisted, he got shot.

April 20th

Just five days, Governor Whitmer had the gall to sent a letter written by executive Human Services Chief Dr. Joneigh Khaldunis to all of the heroic individuals working on the front line in many of Michigan’s hospital, and no, she didn’t thank them, but she accused them of being racists instead! This letter warned them that they shouldn’t use racist practices against their patients. Talk about misplaced priorities! This also came on the heels of a report by a hospital worker that nursing homes were receiving $5,000 for each positive COVID-19 that they admitted.

April 22nd

Governor Whitmer was caught RED-HANDED giving a no-bid COVID contract to a man who was nothing more than a Democrat Party operative. This issue came to light after Michigan GOP members began to question why Democratic political campaigners were running certain public health contracts. Additionally, certainly before Democratic operative Mike Kolehouse was awarded the no-bid contract, he tweeted a message regarding President Trump: “I hope the man gets coronavirus. Can someone please cough on him? Thanks.” The good news is that since Governor Whitmer was caught red-handed in the deal, she was forced to rescind the contract.

April 23rd

Governor Whitmer announced that the state was not going to allow elective surgeries during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, abortions were still on! She said that they were a “life sustaining” medical procedure and she wasn’t going to mess with “women’s health care.” She said that “a woman’s health care, her whole future, and her ability to decide if and when she and her partner are ready to start a family is a fundamental part of her life. It is life-sustaining, so it’s something that government should stay out of.” Telling businesses to close down completely seemed to be fair game, however.

May 18th, 2020

Governor Whitmer issued a stipulation completely out of the blue that allowed certain parts of the state to open up in advance of Memorial Day. However, Whitmer implored people to still consider staying home during the holiday weekend to prevent the spread of the disease throughout the state. “The rest of the state is watching the Capitol to make sure that we get this right,” Governor Chicken Little-I mean Governor Whitmer said at the time.

May 23rd

A 77-year-old veteran was beaten up by a 20-year-old male who had tested positive for COVID-19 and who had been placed in the same nursing home with the man per Governor Whitmer’s stipulation. This was due to her reckless ruling to place COVID-positive individuals in nursing homes. The 20-year-old posted the brutal meeting on social media.

May 24th

100 Percent Fed Up was the first political blog to break a story about how Governor Whitmer’s husband, Mark Mallory, was trying to Northshore Boat Dock LLC of northern Michigan to allow his family to “jump the line” so that they could be first to get their boats in the water that year. When this story came out about the governor’s husband, Mark Mallory, was trying to “jump the line”, Governor Whitmer simply played it off as “a joke.” Better stick with fixing people’s cavities, Mark.

June 9th

The Michigan Board of Canvassers issued a recall petition that had grown to over 375,000 signatures for this immensely unpopular governor. The petition read the following: “Recall Governor Whitmer. She has failed tremendously during the COVID-19 Coronavirus and it is causing more Michiganders to get sick. She is closing and banning a number of non-essential businesses but leaving others open, thereby promoting the pandemic. She has lied regarding her “#fixthedamnroads” stipulation and her response to “#PFAS” was just negligence. She also completely removed funding for the #Pure Michigan initiative and she has failed to anything positive for the state as a whole.”

June 28th

On June 28th, Governor Whitmer charged seven female hairstylists with the same charge that a prostitute would have received when they were taking part in cutting hair as part of their protest against $1,000 fine for working in their industry. The Michigan governor also threatened to take their licenses away. 8888888888888These and many other issues are living proof of the fact that this governor needs to go. She has turned the once-proud state of Michigan into a liberal dystopian mockery. Let’s hope that Michigan residents can come to their senses and remove this woman before she does more damage!

What do you think about the ridiculous way that Governor Whitmer handled the pandemic? Feel free to share your comments!



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