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He Tried To Steal A Car, And He Learned The Hard Way It Was The WRONG CAR!

There was a young Houston entrepreneur who shall remain unnamed, and he was being real productive, working with a screwdriver trying to break into a man’s car in an attempt to find some worthy pawn shop material. Well, to make a long story short, he ended up losing consciousness and being bandaged up by the police.

If you want to talk about being “scared straight” this would be one of the best ways for it to happen to you. In a nutshell, this professional carjacker not only wasn’t able to break into this other dude’s car, but he now holds the record for the shortest professional MMA Heavyweight career of all-time.

The Wrong Vehicle, Indeed!

“MOFO picked both the right and the wrong car to mess with, but he’s okay.” You see, the vehicle that this would-be pawn shop warrior broke into belongs to a man called “The Black Beast”, Mixed Martial Art fighter Derrick Lewis. The MMA fighter proceeded to post this whole incident on his Instagram Account. When Lewis returned to his vehicle after his workout, he surprised the unlucky suspect.

Well, needless to say, Derrick Lewis has built a very loyal fan-base, and most of his followers would not use the word “surprised.” Instead, they would probably say that he “KO’ed” the suspect instead.

ESPN actually carried the story, and he admitted to them that he had “knocked the man out.” Thus, the would-be pawn con not only was all bandages, but he was gently assisted by Houston’s Finest into a waiting squad car. All I have to say is hopefully the county jail where he is booked has a good infirmary!

Of course, you have to give kudos to Mr. Lewis, because if all he did was knock the guy out he definitely kept his cool fairly well. This con left a nasty gouge on his car in his effort to break into it.Thus, if Lewis really wanted to teach him a lesson he could have thrashed the guy so badly that he wouldn’t even be able to walk!

The incident happened at 9:30 A.M. last Tuesday as Lewis was just finishing up his training for his upcoming UFC match against Francis Ngannou for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. After he came out of the gym, that’s when he noticed this hustler trying to break into his car, and that’s also when Mr. Lewis got an opportunity to do EVEN MORE sparring. Lewis told the police that as he approached his vehicle, he heard some “banging noises.” Not soon after that, he discovered the thief attempting to break into his car. In the police report, law enforcement officials wrote that “Mr. Lewis said that he went over to where the suspect was, struck him and knocked him out, and then placed him on the ground and waited for the police to arrive.”

Even department spokesperson Jodi Silva remarked that the police report was “the nicest way to put it.” Boom! Lights out! This suspect isn’t going to be trying to steal any more cars for quite some time.

Derrick Lewis: One Dangerous Dude

If you are going to tangle with the Black Beast, you had better come prepared. Stealing the Black Beast’s vehicle is a terrible idea. Indeed, ESPN recently pointed out that Lewis hit competitor Curtis Blaydes so hard when he was knocked out that the ESPN commentators called it “the biggest UFC main event in the past five years.” The Black Beast recently tied with Vitor Belfort for the “most knockouts in UFC history.”

Lewis also has a tie score regarding the “second-most wins in UFC Heavyweight history” with Frank Mir also having 16 of them. Andrei Arlovsky is the only UFC Heavyweight champion to have more, with a mark of 19.

The suspect who attempted to hijack Mr. Lewis’s vehicle was taken to the hospital and they checked him out thoroughly before he was taken into custody. Trust me, after Lewis got hold of him, he needed all the help he could get. UFC Fighter Derrick Lewis has been described as “a Louisiana native who currently lives in Houston.”

Lewis is expected to be the first challenger to take on recently crowned UFC champion Francis Ngannou.” Considering that Lewis has an impressive record in 25-7 in MMA, he has a good shot of defeating Ngannou for the UFC title.

Lewis actually has previously defeated Ngannou in 2018, and for that matter, even Ngannou HIMSELF knows better than to attempt to break into Lewis’ car, especially considering that Lewis already has it in for Ngannou. He recently told UFC reporters that he disliked Ngannou because his opponent “made him look fat.” Thus, this small-time hood was no match whatsoever for Lewis, a UFC fighter many times over.

What is your reaction to this small-time thug getting what he deserved from a UFC fighter? Please share your comments below!

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