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One State Just Took A MAJOR Stand For The Second Amendment!

It’s definitely a sad state of affairs when individuals living in many different parts of America have to be concerned about exercising their rights. In this case, we aren’t necessarily just talking about carrying a firearm with you to work either. There are also many places where Americans are concerned about speaking their mind. Indeed, if they express their opinion, they might end up losing their jobs, their status in the community, and many other things.

However, throughout many different corners of the country, there is a growing consensus of patriots who are saying, “enough is enough.” These local leaders are definitely to be applauded because they are oftentimes singlehandedly ensuring that the rights of everyday Americans do not become a thing of the past.

There is one Indiana that is making the rest of America proud because they are creating a sanctuary for two of our most important amendments.

From IJR:

There is an Indiana town that took a stand last Tuesday on behalf of both the first and second amendment rights of their citizens.

The Mooresville town council has now declared themselves to be a “sanctuary town” and in a good way as well. That is, they are a sanctuary for those who want to exercise their First and Second Amendment rights.

According to WISH-TV, Mooresville is getting tired of the solution to gun violence always being that the government should continue punishing innocent law-abiding gun owners instead of the criminals.

“I think it’s wrong,” one person was quoted as saying. “It doesn’t solve any single crime whatsoever.”

After Mooresville, IN announced that their town would be
a sanctuary for those who want to exercise their First and Second Amendment rights, there were many people who were wondering what that entailed.

Simply put, this means that the town has passed legislation that will make sure these rights continue to be protected.

The First Amendment bill will go a long way in preventing the government from interfering with religious freedoms. It will take aim at the whole idea of “cancel culture” as well. That is because this bill appears to be addressing certain moves by the government to restrict government due to the pandemic.

The Second Amendment bill is very similar to the First Amendment bill because it would oppose any funds that would normally be used just for gun restrictions.

This is a step in the right direction, but unfortunately there is still a long way to go. It’s absolutely tragic that this town felt the need to pass bills to prevent the erosion of these constitutional rights in the first place.

However, the fact that these constitutional rights need to be protected is a true statement throughout the country. Leftist policies have shut down churches, deprived citizens of the right to bear arms, and even robbed Americans of their freedom of expression online.

When we have a man like Joe Biden in office, don’t think for a minute that more restrictions aren’t forthcoming. That is why this town continues to set these policies in motion as a means to protect themselves from any of the stunts that D.C. might try to pull.

The other good news is that its highly likely that this won’t be the last town to do things such as this. Indeed, there are all kinds of conservative states that are discussing the possibility of creating sanctuary constitutional cities.

What do you think about what these sanctuary cities are doing? Your comments would be appreciated!


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