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Report REVEALS How Early Patient Zero Got COVID!

I recall a time not too long ago when the entire universe of leftists were continually trashing President Trump over COVID, particularly when he said that our government actually had intelligence that showed that this coronavirus (COVID-19) had indeed actually originated in a lab in Wuhan, China. Everyone – all of the talking heads, including Brian Stelter, Rachel Maddow, and ALMOST EVERYONE associated with the Washington Post, New York Times, and those in academia and even some RINO Republicans thought the man was crazy. Yes, I remember that all too well.

Apparently, after all of that criticism, former President Trump was RIGHT ALL ALONG. We all have been living in a black hole of stupid.

Apparently, there were three bio researchers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology who got very sick with a condition very similar to COVID-19 way back in November 2019. They even had to be hospitalized, per an American intelligence report.

The Wall Street Journal even reported on this intelligence in a piece done last Sunday where they even lend credibility to the idea that this COVID-19 pandemic started in the Wuhan lab, which is China’s only biosafety level-4 laboratory.

This is significant intelligence to say the least, folks! First of all, this intelligence proposes that the virus was spreading inside Communist China much earlier than what their communist party has admitted. According to official reports, China traced patient zero to a man who got sick on December 8th. However, when you consider the fact that we know that COVID-19 has a significant incubation period, we also realize that this means that the virus was actually spreading MUCH EARLIER than what China previously told the rest of the world.

Indeed, there was another official who termed this intelligence as being of “exquisite quality” meaning that it was very trustworthy.

“The information from these various sources was of exquisite quality, meaning that it was very precise. However, it does have its limitations. It doesn’t tell you exactly why they got sick,” this official said to the Wall Street Journal.

Of course, there was a different official (more than likely a Trump hater) who revised that “very precise” description, telling the Wall Street Journal that instead, they needed additional corroboration for it to be definitive. Thus, we went from this source being “precision” to now it needs “additional corroboration.” Who would YOU believe? Sounds like anti-Trump propaganda to me.

The State Department put out a fact sheet near the end of the Trump Administration and they explained this exact concept. However, none of the liberals believed it at the time. Apparently, former President Trump has been vindicated by this recent intelligence!
The report revealed the following: “The United States government has reason to believe that there were a number of researchers who became sick from the Wuhan lab as early as autumn 2019, and that was before the first identified case of the outbreak. The symptoms were consistent with not only seasonal illnesses but also COVID-19.”

Of course, the other fly in the ointment is that the Chinese Foreign Ministry opposed this intelligence and continued to insist that the Wuhan Flu originated in the United States instead. “The United States continues to heap hype all over regarding this lab theory,” this foreign ministry said to the Wall Street Journal. “Is it actually concerned about finding the source of COVID or is it simply concerned with diverting attention?” Make no bones about it though, the Communist Chinese government has doggedly fought any transparency when these investigators looking for the pandemic origins start asking too many questions. “The Wuhan Institute has not shared any raw data, nor have they shared any of their extensive research regarding the status of COVID-19 in bats, which many consider being the most likely source of this virus,” the Wall Street Journal noted.

And what of the cruise ship controversies that occurred in March 2020? According to a CNN piece dated December 2020 called “11 Days of Drama at Sea”, the Diamond Princess was one of the first instances of Americans getting the coronavirus. Before that, this virus had simply been considered a “regional Chinese threat” and nothing more. Funny how liberals want to rewrite history, isn’t it? And now, EVEN DR. FAUCI is coming on board, reversing course and saying that he now no longer believes that COVID-19 originated naturally and that yes, it may have come from the Wuhan Lab. Again, all of this seems like it comes right out of a Stephen King novel. EGAD!

What do you think about these new revelations regarding COVID-19? Feel free to comment on this serious issue in the section below.


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