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IT BEGINS: SOROS Has Invaded The Republican Party!

The only way that you can describe the current situation in the Republican party is that it is an invasion. We have the radical proteges of George Soros, Tom Steyer, and Hansjörg Wyss, and they have infiltrated the GOP and made it completely hollow from the inside out. However, there is one particular RINO in Ohio, Brian Stewart, who is finding that conservatives are starting to call baloney on this nonsense.

Founded By Soros

This strategy was actually founded by George Soros. He knew that Democrats were well aware that conservatives would never cast a single vote for someone who has a “D” after their name. Thus, these liberals will simply register as a Republican and say that they are just “moderate.” It’s no longer fooling anyone, though. Conservatives everywhere know that those who say they are “moderate” are nothing more than RINO traitors. However, this hasn’t changed the fact that these moderates still manage to get elected simply because they have that trendy “R” after their name. I know I’ve mentioned this in other articles, but maybe we as conservatives should start doing the same thing in reverse? Maybe we should all become “moderate” Democrats? Seriously, folks, I would take a “DINO” over a “RINO” any day.

Liberals applaud George Soros and call him this great philanthropist, but really, all he was doing was to funnel a stratospheric amount of money into this scheme in order to buy people off. Again, all we need for evil to prevail in this or any other country is for “good men to do nothing.” Soros literally spent billions trying to remake America into a socialist nightmare just like his Eastern European roots, and even though he now past ninety and simply waiting to die, he is passing the torch to a new generation of RINOs.

That’s right. Brian Stewart is a man who wants a promotion, so he going to use the same tactics that some RINOs used in Texas at the beginning of the millennium. If you will recall, everyone was worried about Y2K, but after it came and went without the collapse of civilization, there was a faction of wealthy trial lawyers that began throwing money at RINO candidates for state House and Senate seats in that state.

The main idea they were going for was to “defeat actual conservative candidates” and secretly pack the whole entire legislature with Democrat sleeper cells. This was an idea that George Soros himself came up with, and it ended up catching on so well that it began being used everywhere. It’s about to happen again in Ohio.

Apparently, confirmed RINO Brian Stewart wants to totally misrepresent Ohio’s District 78 and he is now “announcing his bid for the U.S. Congress.”

There is no question that the man talks a good game and he is ultra-smooth, but George Soros would be this man’s biggest fan. However, Stewart is absolutely telling his constituents all the right things in order to get elected. He told them that the challenges they face, “whether from the far left or this adversarial nation have to be dealt with in an aggressive manner or with conviction.” However, this man is not going to do that, because he is right in the middle of George Soros’ back pocket.

Funding Radicals All Over the World

Indeed, if you want to make the left totally salivate, just mention the name George Soros. They know that he is their cash cow, and they also know that he was responsible for funding radical left causes all over the world. However, it is only the liberals that like him simply because they see dollar signs. However, with everyone else, he is totally reviled. Part of the reason for that is because everywhere this man’s foundations or his fundraising has gone, trouble has followed. “He is always fomenting revolutions, undermining national currencies, and he funds radicals all over the world,” according to one source.

If the only radical billionaire that we had to deal with was George Soros, it would be bad enough. However, just like cancer spreads, we now have yet another billionaire that has jumped on the bandwagon, that of environmental activist Tom Steyer. As a Soros protege, Steyer has learned well. First of all, he tries to act like a conservative. Second, he launched a non-profit called, that supposedly touts the benefits of fossil fuels. However, what they are really doing is just a bunch of “highly destructive and insane environmental things.”

Like Steyer, Brian Stewart is currently leading what appears to be a conservative group called the Ohio Conservative Energy Forum. However, make no mistake that this group is nothing more than an umbrella group for “clean-energy activists” and thus it too is funded by George Soros. Boy oh boy, do we live in perilous times indeed.

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