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Trump Just Issued A BLISTERING Response To New York’s WITCH HUNT!

Former President Trump definitely has a lot to say about the recent reports that the probe into the Trump Organization is now a “criminal” investigation and not just a civil matter.

“I have recently learned through in the mainstream media that after I was under investigation for the whole entire time since I came down that escalation over five years ago, including that fake Russia on steroids Hoax, that two-year, $48 million fake Mueller Witch Hunt, the first impeachment Hoax, the second impeachment hoax, and the others.”

“Now,” Trump continued, “After all of that, this Democrat Attorney General has just ‘informed’ my organization that this ‘investigation’ is not just a civil matter any longer, but now a criminal one. I now realize that there is nothing more corrupt than an investigation that is simply just in search of a crime. Make no mistake though, that is what is exactly what is happening here.”

Trump’s statement came in response to Letitia James’ office stating they were now upgrading their civil investigation into the Trump Organization into a criminal one. “We have just gotten finished informing the Trump Organization that this investigation is no longer civil but now criminal in nature,”

President Trump also made yet another daring claim. “The Attorney General of New York literally made it one of her campaigns promises to prosecute me before she even knew anything about me. She promised that if she was elected, she would use her authority to investigate ‘every aspect’ of my dealings in real estate and that she was going to ‘definitely sue’ me.”

“You can see her boasting on video no less that she was going to be, and I quote, ‘a real in the a-‘ to me, and she declared, ‘I’ve got my eyes on the Trump Tower’ and ‘just wait until I’m in the Attorney General’s office.'”

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. recently announced that he too has been conducting a criminal investigation into the affairs of the Trump Organization.

“This has been a long-running investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office into the financial dealings of the Trump Organization. We are attempting to determine if the Trump Organization did tax and bank fraud. One of the things we are doing, in particular, is attempting to determine if Trump’s company inflated the value of his properties as a means to obtain favorable loans and also posited lower values so that he could reduce his tax burden,” this outlet said.

“For months, the district attorney’s office has locked in not only on Trump himself but also on his long-serving chief financial officer, Allen Wiesselberg. They are mounting an aggressive effort to gain the cooperation of him against Mr. Trump and the Trump Organization, according to those with knowledge of the matter. As a part of that effort, these lawyers have already subpoenaed Mr. Wiesselberg’s bank records and his records regarding his grandchildren’s private school.

“It is not clear just what role that Ms. James’s office is going to play in that aspect of the investigation. They will have two assistant attorney generals collaborating from Ms. James’s and they will join the team of district attorneys,” the source said.
“Mr. Vance has obtained eight years’ worth of Mr. Trump’s tax returns, along with several other financial records. However, this came only after Trump aggressively fought the effort, which led to a long legal battle that reached the U.S. Supreme Court twice.”

Either way, Trump continued to be resolute, and he argued in his rebuttal statement, “This Attorney General has made all of these statements and she did it BEFORE she even had an opportunity to look at all of the facts, BEFORE she was even elected, and BEFORE she had even seen a shred of evidence.”

“This is the kind of thing that is seen in Third World countries, not here in the United States,” Trump said. “They are basing their case on me on a discredited low-life who was recently sentenced to three years in prison. This is ridiculous.”

The investigation of Trump also opened up a can of worms when it comes to Florida, because should Trump be indicted legal experts in the Sunshine State think there might be issues with extradition back to New York. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis can shelter Trump in Florida if he wishes.

It will be interesting to see how this Trump witch hunt plays out.

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