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Biden’s Approval Rating Just Took A Turn That’s Gonna Make Him Faint!

If there is one thing that you can count on when it comes to the liberal news media, it would be the fact that they will do their level best to spin the first months of Joe Biden’s term as president as a success. However, all you have to do is look at the man’s approval rating to realize that this just isn’t the case. At this point, it’s only been four months into his (hopefully) first term, and now, there are even some liberal outlets that are getting sick and tired of this so-called “success” of the Biden Administration. Instead, they are calling out his failures.

To make matters worse for Sleepy Joe, he now has a large group of military officers that are relentlessly criticizing him. They sent him a scathing letter where they brutally condemned him as a socialist who was hellbent on destroying our way of life and our Constitution. These are military men, folks, so they are definitely not going to mince words. To add insult to injury, this is the first thing that these men of valor have written a letter such as this one. We’ve had some doozies occupy the oval office, but no, these men did not write a letter for Jimmy Carter, nor did they write a letter of this nature for Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. Joe Biden is the first one to receive a letter where he has been accused of being a socialist.

However, here’s the kicker: it isn’t just military aficionados that are getting frustrated with this administration, but it’s also common, everyday people like you and me as well. According to a recent poll, the approval rating of President Biden is starting to reflect that.

According to the Rasmussen Reports, the daily Presidential Tracking Poll is showing that President Biden has 49% approval rating from likely U.S. voters. However, his approval ratings are underwater, with fifty percent (50%) of those same likely voters saying they disapprove of the job that President Biden had done.

The latest also indicates that there are 30% who voiced strong approval for the job that President Biden is doing, whereas 40% of poll respondents strongly disapprove of Biden’s time in the Oval Office. Thus, Biden has a Presidential Approval Index rating of -10.

Why is President Biden showing sinking approval? There are plenty of factors. First of all, there are a growing number of Americans who are blaming him for the worsening crisis at the U.S.-Mexican border. This was under control when Trump left office. Additionally, many Americans are starting to see the writing on the wall when it comes to gas prices. They are realizing that the price at the pump is soaring because of some of the foolish policies of President Biden. Businesses continue to struggle to find employees, and inflation is about to rear its ugly head and start hurting our economy.

It’s only been four months, but Americans everywhere are beginning to wake up to Biden’s real agenda. The real one, not the one that he JUST CLAIMS is his agenda. They are starting to realize that his super-liberal agenda is only going to hurt our country. However, we need to realize that without strong opposition from the GOP and state leaders, this man isn’t going to be stopped.

The good news is that if his approval continues to sink, he will not be able to get his way as easily. He will find it increasingly difficult to sell his broken agenda to the American people when they are already getting fed up with his broken promises.

What do you think of President Biden’s decreasing poll numbers? Your comments would be appreciated!


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